The Authentic Art of Songwriting

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1. Become a Craftsman

Of course, songwriters can also make a very decent living, if their songs are successful. The money only comes when songs are purchased and played.

The Art of Songwriting

When that happens, the rewards can be substantial, as Cunningham discovered when a song she co-wrote aged 17, Too Little Too Late , became a million-seller for US singer JoJo. That said, the role does involve talent-spotting. When songwriters do agree to a writing session, the first meeting with an artist sounds essentially like a blind date. Oddly enough, a large part of being a successful co-writer seems to involve being a likable person.

The hidden hit makers: how indie singers become pop songwriters

And normally you have to do that in about two hours. So the artists really do contribute to the process? And when the ball hits the net?

But the blind date thing is a good analogy. Because, of course, sometimes on a blind date by the end of the evening you have fallen in love and your life has changed for ever.

Artist / Singer-Songwriter, Eric Bellinger - Pensado's Place #382

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Order by newest oldest recommendations. Steal and adapt. Check out what listeners are into on the music charts. Find out what your local college radio station is playing. Get out to a live concert or go to a club. Go anywhere you can hear new music. Challenge yourself to hear, understand, and study new ideas. Keep any creative ideas that come out of these sessions. Record your ideas and put them in a file you can easily flip through.

Write down your lyric ideas in a notebook and keep them handy.

Being Authentic – Songwriting Tips and InspirationSongwriting Tips and Inspiration

Using these ideas as a springboard, write a song of your own. Write a song that could be on the same album. It can be hard to change a habitual way of writing melodies, lyrics, chords, or singing a vocal. Keep a list of the songs and artists you study.

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When you find yourself slipping back into old habits and we all do , go back and play one or two of these songs. Embed more artists, more techniques, more ideas. Who did you inherit your musical genes from? Take a moment to write down a list artists or songwriters who have influenced you.

Unlike your real ancestors, the cool thing about your musical genealogy is you can choose who is in it!

2. Start With The End In Mind

Keep adding new songs and artists. Keep it growing. Keep taking, adapting, learning, and building. Keep stealing like a songwriter.

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She has written and produced more than songs for television, records, theater, and audio products. Visit Robin's websites for more songwriting tips and inspiration: www. View all posts by Robin. Skip to content. Why steal? How to steal like a songwriter 1. Chords are online.

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What is the song structure?

The Authentic Art of Songwriting The Authentic Art of Songwriting
The Authentic Art of Songwriting The Authentic Art of Songwriting
The Authentic Art of Songwriting The Authentic Art of Songwriting
The Authentic Art of Songwriting The Authentic Art of Songwriting
The Authentic Art of Songwriting The Authentic Art of Songwriting

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