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Chansey spawns more often in the Cerulean Cave. You can pick up a bunch of good value items from the floors of Cerulean Cave. This is one way to find the highly elusive Master Ball in this game. You can also try and catch the legendary Pokemon in the wild, other than set locations in Kanto Region. They have an extremely rare chance of spawning in any random area only after you beat the game. You may challenge him again by visiting here after beating the Pokemon League.

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You'll unlock Master Trainers after beating the Pokemon League. Once you've won against 6 Master Trainers, Red, the original protagonist of the game will appear in the Indigo Plateau in the Pokemon League HQ, awaiting your challenge. Each Mega Stone costs 30, You can face the gym leaders once again after you've won the Pokemon League! They'll still be at the same gyms where you last fought them.

The fight won't be the same and gym leaders will have more powerful Pokemon at a higher level, with stronger moves! You can fight against the Elite Four and former Pokemon League Champion again after you beat the game. You can still find them at Indigo Plateau. The Elite Four will also have Alolan Pokemon in their roster. You can power up your Lv. You need to give him a "Bottle Cap" or the rare "Gold Bottle Cap" to activate this special training session for your Pokemon.

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Talking to them will let you challenge them into a Pokemon battle once more! Be sure to answer "Well You can challenge her once a day to receive a Bottle Cap - a special item that maxes out the IV of one stat of your chosen Pokemon. He'll give you 10 PP Maxes as a reward. He can be found at the last floor of the hideout! All Rights Reserved.

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March 9, at pm. Fallen Angel. March 15, at pm. March 18, at pm. Can somebody tell us if the novel of this manhua is available in English translation? April 1, at pm.

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There is no English translation for the manhua. All in Chinese.

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April 3, at am. I hope the author will update again. Even tho it was discountinued, I wonder what happened. March 19, at am. March 19, at pm.

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