Archeologia Virtuale: Comunicare in Digitale (Italian Edition)

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Characterized by stratified scientific contents, they have enabled visitors to create different tour route according to their own, more or less specialized, interests Mandarano, The use of contents, weighted and subdivided according to the quantity and the typol- ogy of archaeological evidence to which they were related, has been mainly supported by Qr Code technology, already used in the field of cultural heritage Bonacini, In the first section about Archaic Age 8th — 5th centuries B.

They belonged to vases of Oinotrian and Greek production, recovered in the terri- tory during the surveys carried out by the University of Basilicata Because those ma- terials are, for the most part, exiguous and fragmentary, the aim of the digital contents proposed was to explain the meaning of the survey activity carried out by archeologists to identify ancient sites, but also the great importance that even the most exiguous material evidence could have for reconstructing the history of entire geographical areas.

In the showcases of the section dedicated to the Lucanians 5th — 3th century B. In this case, the number and the variety of the objects, all belonging to funerary offerings, made it possible to demonstrate, by means of specific digital focuses, many aspects of the society of the ancient Lucanians, its warlike ideology, its language and its artistic and handcrafted production. In the Roman section 2th century — Late Roman Age were gathered architectural and sculp- tural fragments found in the territory and now kept in the local church of S.

Here, in addition to the possibility to display the sheets of each find, has been provided an insight into the likely statio of Anxia along the via Herculia in the general framework of the Roman Lucania. Looking for ancient finds from Anzi in the world museums Between the end of the 18th and the first decades of the 19th centuries, archaeological ex- cavations in the territory of Anzi had a golden age in which were brought to light, frantically and without an adequate control, conspicuous evidences of a rich, millenary past Donnici et al.

Nevertheless, the large number of ancient artifacts from Anzi detectable in the most important museums in the world are still today among the most relevant archaeological contexts from ancient Lucania Donnici, At the end of the tour route, therefore, it was prepared a specific multimedia product that real- ized this fundamental page of local archeology, and joined for the first time in a single virtual con- tainer a conspicuous ancient heritage, otherwise no more usable as a whole.

Using a digital map with simple hyperlinks, visitors had the opportunity to explore some important Italian museums Potenza, Naples and international museums Paris, London, Copenhagen, Berlin, St. Clicking on each of more than one hundred and fifty ancient objects collected as a result of extensive studies, users could open a sheet with a descriptions and some information data about the pieces, particularly those relating to the events that caused its dispersion. When the photographic documentation was available, furthermore, the opportunity to zoom in on the artifact in order to admire all its details was afforded.

Despite the simplicity of its structure, borrowed from the web sites of some major museums, such as the British Museum or the Metropolitan Museum, the digital content described has received a good response in terms of interest from the users, especially the local population. This application was created as a gift and a souvenir to join with the classic brochure that every visitor could pick up at the beginning or at the end of the tour route at the information desk, and as an innovative way to spread the initiative even to those who have not been able to visit.

This programming suite is characterized by a simple and fast interface that allows to realize even very complex applications without having a thorough knowledge of programming languages Wolber et al. Created the APP design and added the scientific contents, we proceeded to the building of the logic blocks that enable the functioning of the application. Within it logistical information opening hours of the exhibition, street indication, etc. In the first part of the video a narrator explains the myth of Coephoroi through the showing of various archaeological finds, such as some Lucanian red-figured vases, and mod- ern artworks that have the myth as subject.

Simone Gianolio -

The figures depicted on the vase, Oreste, Pilade and Electra, are transformed into animated characters Fig. In order to reach the goal we used some of the most modern fruition and interaction techniques for museums. This insight would have been hardly possible to realize through traditional panels or museum sheets.

Through the projection of the video-animation on the myth of Coephoroi, finally, we tried a different communicative approach, characterized by the classical documentary disclosure and by a short movie with an entertainment adopted by the cinema and video games. Thanks to the most recent technologies, students, researchers and tourists could visit a temporary exhibition in a different, interactive and exciting way. You can use your own Paypal account with the email ifph [at] unibo. AIPH-6 Quali strumenti e metodi per i public historian che useranno le fonti filmiche?

Fonti ed educazione alla cittadinanza in alcuni archivi toscani. AIPH Reenactment, archeologia pubblica e patrimonio: esempi di valorizzazione e collaborazione tra enti pubblici, impresa e associazionismo. AIPH Comunicazione istituzionale, immaginari e racconti pubblici nelle trasformazioni del tempo presente. Zio, Simone Di, and Domenico Bernabei. Dix, Andreas, and Christof Schuppert. Fitzjohn, Matthew. London: Routledge. Informatica E Archeologia Medievale. Giorgi, Enrico, ed.

Groma 2. Kay, Stephen, and Robert Witcher. Mandolesi, Luca, and Enzo Cocca. Moscati, Paola. Rua, Helena. Arakawa, Fumiyasu.


Ayhan, Irem, and Mert K Cubukcu. BAR International Series. Oxford: Archaeopress. Goodchild, M. Hillier, Amy. Mandolesi, Luca. Meroni, Giorgio, and Grazia M Visconti. Niccolucci, Franco, and Sorin Hermon, eds. Beyond the Artefact. Digital Interpretation of the Past. Proceedings of CAA Prato April Polla, Silvia.

Andrea, Scianna, and Benedetto Villa. Bovero, Matteo O. Virgilio, Francesco de. Farinetti, Emeri. Green, Christopher T. Gregory, I. Oxford University Press: — Kvamme, Kenneth L. Scampoli, Emiliano, and Annica Sahlin. Serlorenzi, Mirella, and Ilaria Jovine, eds.

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    Brughmans, T. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. McManama-Kearin, Karen. Oxford: British Archaeological Reports. Polczynski, Michael, and Mark Polczynski. Serlorenzi, Mirella. Convegno, Roma 9 Novembre Dordrecht: Springer. Schwerin, J. Richards-Rissetto, F. Remondino, G. Agugiaro, and G. Agugiaro, Giorgo. Oxford: BAR. Alfano, Antonio, and Sebastiano Muratore.

    Archeologia Virtuale: Comunicare in Digitale (Italian Edition) Archeologia Virtuale: Comunicare in Digitale (Italian Edition)
    Archeologia Virtuale: Comunicare in Digitale (Italian Edition) Archeologia Virtuale: Comunicare in Digitale (Italian Edition)
    Archeologia Virtuale: Comunicare in Digitale (Italian Edition) Archeologia Virtuale: Comunicare in Digitale (Italian Edition)
    Archeologia Virtuale: Comunicare in Digitale (Italian Edition) Archeologia Virtuale: Comunicare in Digitale (Italian Edition)
    Archeologia Virtuale: Comunicare in Digitale (Italian Edition) Archeologia Virtuale: Comunicare in Digitale (Italian Edition)
    Archeologia Virtuale: Comunicare in Digitale (Italian Edition) Archeologia Virtuale: Comunicare in Digitale (Italian Edition)

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