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Digging: A Short Story by Christina Carson. The Authors Collection.

The bush was unforgiving. For those who got tired or careless, the trees reminded them, sometimes for eternity. Jim knew he was getting old for this work. Deep down inside him there was a fear. Most days he kept it at bay, but when the day beat him, it would set him to wondering.

He was afraid of getting old. His life held no future for the aged. How could you rope cows, train horses and fell trees, old? He let the TV pull him back to the song on the show. He had his own little country western group, and he listened intently to this particular tune. It was one he wanted to use.

But ritual pulled her to her feet, and she walked listlessly across the kitchen to the fridge. What a claim to fame.

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She wondered what she had dreamed life would be like when she was a young teen, lying atop a haystack fantasizing about the future. She pulled out the leftover beef stew and put it in the microwave. She threw some slices of bread on a plate and hunted for a few condiments to add to it. Slices of cheddar cheese, a few jalapenos, some sliced tomatoes; that was enough. Carrying it over to the table, she returned for the plates and stew.

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Get your butt in here. She sat down at the table. Not hungry, she looked over the food with detachment. It happened all the time in the bush. Rather, it was almost a cleansing. They could pour all their frustration and rage about life in general into that issue and vent their wrath.

Kingsport native devotes his time to digging up history

To get that angry otherwise might get them hit. So when they found out that their man had been cheating, they let fly and kept going until their anger was spent. The rules said he had to take it. Men got good at it. They even made jokes about among themselves, though they tried not to let their missus hear them at that sport. Women had no sense of humor when it came to that. Jim worked cattle like a pro and trained some of the best horses in the country. Joanie felt proud to sit atop some of the working horses he had schooled.

She never commented, though.

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He might get to like it or want it again. Jim strolled in from the living room, looking like a man without a care. He sat next to her at the table.

Digging In: An Introduction to Jay Nordlinger's New Collection | National Review

It was strange sort of. Most country men sat at the other head. He ladled stew into his bowl and slathered butter on a piece of bread. He laid some cheese slices on top of that and then sliced up a jalapeno and dropped the pieces into his stew. He glanced up at Joanie.

He really wished she was happy. Now and again he heard her laughter, especially when the near-by neighbor, Tom stopped by. He loved the lilt of it, the delicateness. He did his best. He finished his meal in silence and watched her light up a cigarette for dessert. It was bad for you and there was a lot of sickness in her family.

He had a coffee for dessert and got dressed and went out to light the fire in his shop woodstove. He loved the smell and feel of leather. In his shop, he was a happy man. The next day dawned clear and cold. The wind was low and Jim decided to finish that last patch of bush he had yet to fell.

In his shop the night before, he had come to some conclusions. He was not going to fell any longer. He had figured out how he could use his leather working as a source of income. Joanie brought out his lunch and a thermos of hot coffee. They never made a show of parting so she just stepped back and he pulled out of the drive.

Having the day to herself always felt freeing. She returned to the kitchen to have a second cup of coffee and plan out her time. She had to do the chores first, but she liked the time spent with the animals. She usually complained about it but that was more from her feeling unappreciated then her minding the work. She piled into her outdoor duds and took the dog with her as she walked to the barnyard. She fed the horses first and then turned them out in their corrals for some exercise.

Next she watered the cattle and checked for any new arrivals. The calves born recently looked cold and frost covered in the weak morning sun. She scratched backs and petted noses of her friends and then filled her arms with stove lengths as she headed back to the house. The day passed all too quickly and before she realized, it was time to start supper. Jim would be home soon and hungry as a bear.

As she pulled the meat out of the fridge, the phone rang for the first time all day. She picked it up and kept on walking toward the counter to continue her preparations. It was noticeably quiet at the other end. She stopped and listened, thinking she may have not heard the caller.

By now most country folk would have prattled well into the conversation of the moment. I guess a tree got hung up or something. Jake found him under it. She hung the phone up disbelieving. Did she dream what she heard? Was it real? She walked across the kitchen and reached the chair just as her knees gave way.

Digging into the Stories of Unique Objects and Private Collections

The chair was like an old friend who caught her in its arms. It was a place she knew, something she could count on. She took out a cigarette and lit it, drew long and hard and blew the smoke out sparingly, with the little breath she could find. The smoke off the tip went straight up and then wiggled into oblivion. Her trembling fingers sent it off more quickly than usual, scattering it to where ever smoke goes, leaving her truly alone. In , the Gray Fossil Site was discovered.

He was part of the initial team to decide the next steps for the discovery.

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Carbon dating indicates it to be over 2, years old. Obsidian from out west was also found in Kingsport indicating possible trade with Hopewell Indians of the Great Lakes region. He is very interested in cave art and has recently made some wonderful discoveries. Dean and Dr. Jay Franklin, former head of the ETSU Archaeology Department, made discoveries of copper beads and pottery possibly proving that Spanish explorers Hernando de Soto and Juan Pardo visited here in the s and that a trade network reaching from North Carolina and Ohio existed. He has contributed to several scientific publications and papers, assisted graduate students on thesis papers, helps in classes, and expertly identifies found items.

Since finding his first arrowhead, Dean has collected thousands of projectile points and is writing a book about them. While water levels remain low, he is currently completing a survey of Boone Lake that he began in revealing over 80 new sites. Dean is a valued authority in identifying fossils and artifacts.

The next one is Tuesday, April 30 from 4 to 6 p. Visit the museum's Facebook page or website at gfs.

Digging: A Collection of Stories Digging: A Collection of Stories
Digging: A Collection of Stories Digging: A Collection of Stories
Digging: A Collection of Stories Digging: A Collection of Stories
Digging: A Collection of Stories Digging: A Collection of Stories
Digging: A Collection of Stories Digging: A Collection of Stories
Digging: A Collection of Stories Digging: A Collection of Stories

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