No Work and All Play: Audacious Chronicles of a Casino Boss

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No Work and All Play

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Richard W. Munchkin: No Work and All Play - Book Review

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Roger Wagner’s new book on casino management

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  • No Work and All Play: Audacious Chronicles of a Casino Boss.
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  • ISBN 13: 9781432777241.
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  • No Work and All Play - Audacious Chronicles of a Casino Boss (Paperback).
  • No Work and All Play: Audacious Chronicles of a Casino Boss - Roger Wagner - Google книги.

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Roger Wagner writes of his forty-five years in the casino industry, beginning back in the 's when he began in Las Vegas as a room clerk. Wagner clearly and knowledgeably tells of his career to the top of casino management. Beginning at the Dunes in Las Vegas, then onto the Sands, back to the Dunes, eventually on to Atlantic City and the world of Donald Trump, then settling into satisfying work with Jack Binion's casino world in Chicago and the Mid West, the author writes of his part in supervising and reorganizing gambling rooms, hotel rooms and restaurants for guests.

He also describes many other fine details that are involved in running a successful, profitable casino. In an understated, calm way, Roger Wagner indicates his genius for this high-profit business. It is a clear picture of a very demanding industry. Roger Wagner's writing style is pleasant to read and his many tales of encounters with the rich and famous are delightful.

No Work and All Play: Audacious Chronicles of a Casino Boss No Work and All Play: Audacious Chronicles of a Casino Boss
No Work and All Play: Audacious Chronicles of a Casino Boss No Work and All Play: Audacious Chronicles of a Casino Boss
No Work and All Play: Audacious Chronicles of a Casino Boss No Work and All Play: Audacious Chronicles of a Casino Boss
No Work and All Play: Audacious Chronicles of a Casino Boss No Work and All Play: Audacious Chronicles of a Casino Boss
No Work and All Play: Audacious Chronicles of a Casino Boss No Work and All Play: Audacious Chronicles of a Casino Boss
No Work and All Play: Audacious Chronicles of a Casino Boss No Work and All Play: Audacious Chronicles of a Casino Boss
No Work and All Play: Audacious Chronicles of a Casino Boss No Work and All Play: Audacious Chronicles of a Casino Boss

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