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By a giant squid. Since publishing her first in the series, An Appetite for Murder in , she has published seven Food Critic Mysteries. Her latest, published just this month, is Killer Takeout. Isleib lives here, so she knows of what she dishes out. And eats. He was here long enough—and he experienced enough adventures of his own—to provide ample fodder for his Alex Rutledge series of mysteries. The Mango Opera began the series; his eighth and most recent novel, Crime Almost Pays, is a spinoff featuring two new detectives. James W. Hall Under Cover of Daylight W.

Does Thorn have a last name? You have 14 books from which you might find out. Hiaasen had the inside scoop, as he also helped lead an investigative series about it for The Miami Herald. The hero is a cop-turned-restaurant inspector in Key West. This is appropriate for a couple reasons.

A great way to sample their works before committing to a fulllength book. He quickly became one of the most popular crime writers in the comedic vein; gentler than Hiaasen but still skewering the foibles of New York transplants and pretentious locals alike. His usual method is to place New York mobsters on the island and watch them try to navigate the social and financial networks of Key West. Key West Luck is the 11th and most recent. A wild futuristic Floridian romp. But a trip to Key West got his imaginative juices flowing again—and before long, the fairies, aliens and talking dogs that populate his books were living here too.

These two books are the result of that trip. The pamphlet extolled the natural beauty and varied history of the island, with the intention of luring visitors to revive the economy. The military wound up performing that service, but tourism had a foothold. But her essays describing an isolated bankrupt Key West during the Depression are gems.

Her letters from Key West, collected in One Art and the Library of America volume, are even better, more like candid dispatches. But while she was here, she obviously appreciated the place on its own terms, and not just as a warm winter retreat for bohemian artists. She even left her own visual record of the island in a book of her watercolor paintings, Exchanging Hats.

Jeerson B. In , he spent six weeks alone on a houseboat in the Marquesas, the uninhabited mangrove islands between Key West and the Dry Tortugas. The book is gorgeously illustrated by artist A. He started shooting photos of the thendecrepit Old Town — and he saved the negatives. Between and But Douglas recognized that the Miami River was just a small chapter in the story of how water moved through the Everglades in South Florida. At the same time as she started working on her book, the U.

Army Corps of Engineers was embarking on a giant project to drain and tame the Everglades. To fit with the series she gave the Everglades a new name: The River of Grass. And in the book she also recognized its complex importance to and connections with the islands of the Florida Keys. Published her book. Willie Drye Storm of the Century National Geographic, Of all the accounts of the Labor Day Hurricane of —and there are a few—this one comes most highly praised by meteorologists. But it still includes the stories that resonate the most in the Keys, even today: the accounts of the settlers and highwaybuilding veterans who survived the fury of a Category 5 storm roaring across Islamorada.

More like having a friend in town who can point you to the standard tourist spots, along with some cool places you might otherwise have missed. In , Karl Tanzler, an eccentric German radiologist who styled himself a German count, fell madly in love with one of his Key West patients, Elena Hoyos, a beautiful young Cuban- American. He stole her body from the mausoleum, brought it to the airplane fuselage where he lived and preserved the remains. Seven years later, he was discovered and arrested. Her mummified remains were displayed there are photos! Before she was buried, very secretly this time, in the Key West Cemetery.

Police initially arrested Tanzler but the authorities determined that the statute of limitations for disturbing a grave had expired and released him. He was married to three different women and lived in more places than you can easily track, depending on how you define residence. The novels of C.

Dense Words: Editing Mike Dennis' The Ghosts of Havana

Rhyolite Press is pleased to announce:. For many crime fiction fans, the Prohibition Era of the s and the Great Depression in the 30s holds an intense fascination that, even now, almost one hundred years later, captivates our collective imaginations. The gangster age as it became known, really began at the end of the Great War—the first mechanized conflict and the largest war the world had ever known. Think you know American History? Los Angeles, California has long been the epicenter for crime fiction of all types.

They include police procedurals, courtroom dramas and private eye yarns by a long list of world class authors like Raymond Chandler, Earle Stanley Gardner and Dashiel Hammett from the golden age of the s, '40s, and '50s, as well as more modern writers such as Joseph Wambaugh, Walter Mosley and Michael Connelly. One of my personal favorites however, is a perennial heavyweight, "The dark poet of noir fiction," whose stories routinely take bleak and unexpected turns on the way to a dazzling and elect Read More Posted on Apr 7, in Mysterious Book Report , TV Townsman Articles 0 comments The Return Mysterious Book Report No.

The summer reading season is getting underway and this weeks book selection was chosen because it's ideal for reading in short intervals as time allows. It consists of three novellas, all linked together around two central themes: the first being extraordinary and the second arcane. It's great crime fiction that transports the reader to another time and place in just a few pages.

Hop on. What are you planning to do the day after tomorrow, Friday the 21st of December An 'edjit' as my old Irish gramma would've said. A stone fecking edjit. See you next Wednesday The Trade Show. Me too, but look at the title up there. Last night, the first Tuesday of the month, was book club night. As they've been doing once a month for nearly twenty-five years, the ladies gathered at one of the members houses for tea, desserts and a discussion of their latest read. It's a serious discourse too. These are after all, university and professional women, librarians mostly, plus a Chancellor of the University, a Dean of women students, a pair of professional women.

Places: Havana, Cuba

This night, on the heels of the most devastating and costly fire in the state history, the book was The Tiger's Wife , by Tea Obreht, and the meeting was held at the home of June and John McKenna. The great conflagration and inferno known as the Waldo Canyon Fire has been put out. It consumed nearly 18, acres of the Pike National Forest, homes and 2 lives. It took thousands and thousand of man hours, a fleet of air tankers and helicopters, more than 1, federal wildfire fighters and God only knows how many professional firefighters from metropolitan Colorado Springs and nearby cities and towns.

They are all heros. Civil wars, coups and military takeovers. There is no honor a. Humboldt County is where a doofus named Jerry Bertram runs to when he gets in the bad graces and gunsights of some outlaw bikers in Tom Pitts new n. It combines elements of race, heroism, crime, treachery, violence and murder into a tale th. Posted on Jun 10, in Uncategorized 0 comments. Posted on May 27, in Uncategorized 0 comments. Posted on May 13, in Uncategorized 0 comments.

Posted on May 6, in Uncategorized 0 comments. Posted on Apr 15, in Uncategorized 0 comments. As such, it abounds with tales of human tragedy, hope, criminality, heroism, death. Posted on Apr 9, in Uncategorized 0 comments. Unforsaken John Dwaine McKenna Unforsaken is a bullet packed with gritty characters and explosive action. The old morality codes are f. Restoration Heights. Posted on Mar 18, in Uncategorized 0 comments. Posted on Mar 11, in Uncategorized 0 comments. Crime fiction, mystery and thriller enthusiasts will be smiling i.

Posted on Mar 4, in Uncategorized 0 comments.

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Posted on Feb 25, in Uncategorized 0 comments. Cherry Mysterious Book Report No. Posted on Feb 11, in Uncategorized 0 comments. Posted on Feb 4, in Uncategorized 0 comments. Posted on Jan 28, in Uncategorized 0 comments. Posted on Jan 21, in Uncategorized 0 comments. Put another way; in order for She.

Posted on Jan 14, in Uncategorized 0 comments. Posted on Jan 7, in Uncategorized 0 comments. Posted on Dec 17, in Uncategorized 0 comments. Some of those experiences were happy and good. Instead, it drives up, cruises on through, then cuts in front and runs you off of the big highway of life. What a metaphor! From the late great Elmore Leonard, to the much-lauded Steve Hamilton, to the indefatigable, prolific and much admired Loren D. Through the skill of Alexander Hamilton and the formation of a Federal Bank, the new nation has recovered from the depression of , but the financial panic back then ruined a great number of speculators, and many of them are still trying to claw their way back to pros.

Human beings, due to their rapacious and destructive nature, are strictly forbidden from any contact with, or entry into, the designated area. Which puts the absentee owners into immediate conflict with the local,. In about a week and a-half—June 20th to be exact—a new thriller will be released that I think will be the hottest read of the summer season, if not the whole year. The Spy Across The Table,. Smart group those dozen-plus ladies, all college or public librarians, administrators and professional women, the core group of which—including June—has been meeting on the first Tuesday of the month for close to thirty years.

Say it once at a cocktail party and a discussion will start. Say it twice and an argument breaks out. Dare utter the word for a third time and the fist fight is on. Now, in a brand new piece of intricate crime fiction, the twentieth century is encapsulated by following the fortunes of two families, the Agnellos and Leones, who bring a blood feud with them from Sicily to the USA at the turn of the twentieth century.

The short answer. The conjurer talks the audience into looking over there while at the exact same time doing something over here and presto. That particular card is thumb tacked to the wall. Face out. They all lie all the time. And nowhere is this illustrated better than in a thrilling new spy yarn in which a trusted ally and friend becomes a deadly enemy.

Chiclet, along with a group of tattooed, machete-wielding MSbangers, controls access to a rusty, anc. Simply put: we all have our own inner demons, and each of us decides every day whether to be good or bad. The antiheros are, in the MBRs opinion, the most dramatic, and therefore the most interesting of all literary characte. Flight of the Fox Flight of the Fox Mysterious Book Report No by John Dwaine McKenna An electrifying, propulsive and timely thriller was just released that, by all rights, should shoot to the top of every bestseller list in the country.

If ever an author stepped up to the plate, took a swing, hit it right on the sweet spot and out of the park. When we find one, we do our best to alert all of you, so that together, we can read and enjoy the writer and character as they grow. Under Water , Kensington Publishing Corp. The accolades, superlatives and awards directed at him keep piling up at an astonishing rate; making him one of the hottest new novelists; one that all thriller enthusiasts will want to be acquainted with.

The Irish and Brits call them nutters. It takes a masterful writer however, to look into that kind of a heart of darkness. It lets us see what the newbie cop is experiencing, and thinking, in an emotionally charged thrill ride that starts in the first chapter and runs through the last page. Green Sun, Mulholland. That is what faces protagonist Gary Foster in this devilishly-twisted plot that puts an ordinary man into an impossible situation.

In a city. He entertains, enlightens and thrills his readers. While at the same time, he makes them think. It was the height of the Cold War, when American foreign policy was engrossed in preventing the spread of communism, and the US and USSR battled each other at every opportunity short of. Or Not, in which case the non-profit stores and neighborhood churches always need stuff to sell. The wickeder the villain, the more courageous the protagonist will appear to be, because conflict creates drama, and it is the following sequence of events.

Now, one of Americas most psychologically astute thriller writers has come up with a novel that covers all of the above, and then some. If Ms. Faw took the literary world by storm with her first one, her sophomore work turns that world upside down and shakes it by the heels, demanding attent.

He was unique, this fictional detective, because he was an idealist with the quaint notion that he might speak for the neglected members of society, those poorly served by the American justice system because it can be so easily manipulated by unscrupulous people of wea. Box , Colorado Springs, CO yielded up an unsolicited new publication from a small independent press in Seattle, Washington, which brought a unique new character and a superb writer to our attention.

The MBR regrets that and intends to rectify things immediately. By doing so, the enemies of America could defeat her without firing a shot. Box, and his beloved character, Joe Pickett; the iconic Wyoming Game Warden, all-American good guy and dedicated family man. Now, Mr. Box has another character that the MBR thinks will become just as iconic, and just as beloved by readers. It features one of the most unique bad guys in current crime fiction. The emphasis this year is on debut novels by exceptional talents.

So, Merry Christmas to all, we hope you get to read some, or all, of these awesome novels and receive plenty of others under your tree as gifts! Have you ever gotten a telephone call about a free vacation, an inheritance from an unknown relative, or a plea for help from an imaginary grandchild? Case in point. His books are masterpieces in my opinion.

The sectarian violence there pitted Protestant Unionists—those in favor of remaining in the British Commonwealth—against Catholic Republicans—who wanted to join the Republic of Ireland—in some of the worst violence the world has ever seen. Commonplace were the bombings, targeted assassinations and street brawls which took hundreds, if not thousands of lives.

The British army was called in to maintain order. His name is John Connolly. His Charlie Parker private eye series is noirish crime fiction with a supernatural twist that will leave you gasping for breath and begging for more. Charlie Parker, you see, might be one of the thirteen fallen angels who were cast out of heaven. This time however, Mr. All in good fun of course. Word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire and the writer establishes a bigger fan base with each new book.

Our author this week deserves just such chit-chat. His first novel combines pathos and humor; discovery and loss; brute force, gangsters and gunfights all overlaid with a growling awareness of the power of love. She Rides. The reasoning behind this is that unisex pen names will attract more female readers, since they tend to avoid the tougher, more hard-boiled stuff they associate with men.

This is such a one, an outstanding new murder mystery that takes place down south, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. But, lucky for us, there are a few who do. We found just what we were looking for in a novel one reviewer referred to as A hot dose of pure adrenaline that will leave you gasping for breath and begging for more. Jack was born and raised in Chinatown. They fall into a category know as dystopian—the end of civilization—and this week the MBR has an absolute epic of that genre.

Jersey was a place overcrowded with traffic, bad roads and wretched, impatient, sue-happy drivers. The fictional character is a man with a habit, a former Narc, now a narcaholic, always jonesing for a snort or a swig, or a 1 mg Klonopin to even things out. He wants to stay on the. It was written by a folksinger, poet and one-time rail riding hobo named Utah Phillips—and it expresses his appreciation of, and love for, the incredible beauty of our thirty-fifth state. And hey. I can almost hear you thinking. I can.

Celine Celine Mysterious Book No. You know the type: tough, scuffed, and jonesing for alcohol or drugs. In his latest caper, T. James Lee Burke, Dennis Lehane, or Michael Connelly for example who we always read and review, whenever they publish a new novel. Box to that short, illustrious list, because his Joe Pickett stories about a Wyoming Game Warden are just too damn good to miss out on.

This weeks MBR number features such an author, who speaks and writes so genuinely of his home in small town Mississippi that readers everywhere will almost feel as if they were born and brought up there. Desparation Road, Lee Bo. Such is the case this week with MBR The Old Man. Those are the novels we remember and tell others about. You either breeze right in whistling a happy tune, or show up twenty minutes late, all sweaty, red-faced and cursing under your breath at the vagaries of the universe and the inconsiderate hog who took up two spaces.

The genre is known as historical fiction, and this week, the MBR would like to add the name Thomas Mullen to the list of those gifted few. The activity there is ceaseless, and the agents are all at the top of their game. Almost a perfect place. An earthquake however, makes a great background for our MBR this wee. It was the greatest comeback in playoff football history. The locations and times vary, but our aim is to encourage folks to read by introducing them to the best talent we can find.

This week we have a gem. Sounds like job security to me. The shelf life in bookstores for new novels is around 90 to days. Back in the bookshops, the shelves are restock. The world knows him as Confucius, and his teachings are as cogent now as they were then. The MBR is here to encourage, promote and stimulate t. And, tucked in amongst all of t. What better way to get away with it than staging the death scene and making it look like the decedent took his or her own life?

The fortune is yours. Collect the insurance money and live happily ever after. And they are unfortunate for a fact.

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Take utilities for example. If however, for some unknown reason these systems should break down for a short while, we can. They are rapacious, greedy, ignorant and uncaring of the fact that their crimes are against all of humanity—for all time—because each piece of art is unique and cannot be replaced. And nowhere is this thievery more prevalent than in the vast unprotected parcels where previous civilizations existed. Turned out to be more of the Erskine Caldwell type for big girls and boys, and I learned a lot of new words I shoul. Poland surrendered two weeks later. The German forces occupied Poland, loaded their weapons and combat troops onto railroads, and headed west, right at their traditional enemy, France.

The French. As usual, there was no end of treachery, murder and mayhem, intricate plots and carefully constructed novels written by some of our old favorites and a bumper crop of outrageously talented newcomers. And hey—just so you know—our web wizard, Jeff, has added hyper-links to all of our BBY lists so that now, you can click on any recommendation and be whisked ri.

Key West Magazine - 2016 Spring Visitor's Guide

He has fifty-some books to his credit, about half of which are mysteries, with fourteen of those featuring one of the most. Mother Nature says otherwise. Its literal translation is black , but it can be interpreted as dark or wicked. World War II was over and won, the world was on the mend and the possibilities, as well as the opportunities, stretched out in front of us like an endless chain of diamonds. It was when we all had flat bellies, big at. An America where slavery still exists because the Civil War never happened. Not a run-of-the-mill cold with sniffles and sneezing, but the real deal, with chills, fever, congestion.

The kind that can kill a human, and sometimes does. But the flu virus is tricky. It mutates. It can cause a pandemic, which many scientists predict will eventually happen, given. DARPA is real.

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It has a three billion dollar annual budget and is responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the U. Google it and see for y. Here in America, most folks celebrate by dressing their kids up in weird or outlandish costumes and going house-to-house, begging for candy on the last day of the month. An author you can tell your friends about. An author you'll learn from with each new novel, because they've created a fictional world unlike anything in your own personal life experiences.

We don't always hit that sweet spot, but when we do, they're authors we'll all follow for th. Taylor hit the literary ground running last year when his first crime-fiction novel entitled Night Life , featuring tough-guy Michael Cassidy was first published. Cassidy's a classic, Phillip Marlowe kind of detective, working the mean streets of s New York City at a time when the Cold War—with it's potential threat of nuclear Armageddon—was at its zenith, and Senator Joseph McCarthy was building his power base.

Now, Taylor's back with the second installment of his Michael Cassidy series, and he's hit the sweet spot agai. It's a transit point for the opium-producing region known as the Golden Triangle. As such, it's a lawless place where corruption is rampant, drugs are plentiful and the only thing that's cheaper. The sex trade is open, vigorous and widespread; the army, the police and the politicians are all corrupt, constantly battling for mo. The world got wired. Now, thanks to all the above, we can know in an instant when our rel. Pretty impressive, to say the least.

I placed it in the reading stack so the MBR would come out mid-August, just before the release date of the book. So far. Walsh was named Bo. Honestly, no relation, but my kind of guy. Ash is the n. His name is Charles McCarry, and his works are known for their accurate historic. The likes of C. Box, John Connolly, James Ellroy and others were all highly complimentary of his work in their endorsements.

Part crime fiction, part historical fiction and part military fiction, the novel featured a U. When the. Reed Farrel Coleman. It was an era of terror for ordinary citizens. It was an epoch that dripped with blood and remained cloaked in mystery. And than. With jobs non-existent, crime is rampant, the young professionals are emmigrating and real estate has sunk to such low prices that vulture investors are busy buying distressed property from the near bankrupt lending institutions as fast as the paperwork is finished.

Estelman is the twenty-fifth installment in his Amos Walker series, and somewhere in the neighborhood of his seventy-fifth published work to date, so th. Case in point: In the first ten years of the twentieth century, three wars were fought. But back in the s, the Central American nation of Nicaragua was a focus of attention by the US government as the communists—backed by the Cubans—fought the dictator Anastasio Samoza and deposed him.

Under cover of night, thirty miles North of the international border with the United States, they attacked, looted and burned the little town of Columbus, New Mexico. They killed eighteen American citizens and wounded eight others before disappearing in the gray light of the false dawn. Because we humans are innately curious—we have to see what happens next.

In order to create conflict, there must be opposing forces such as good versus evil. For example, Sherlock Holmes fought the criminal mastermind James Moriarty; the citizens of Middle Earth battled the armies of Orcs for possession of the one ri. Jo Nesbo. Lora Brown. You hardly ever read books written by women. The Hasidim, or Hasidics, are one branch of the Haredi and they are all, by definition, a cult.

Cults are dedicated, highly restrictive and generally patriarchal, or male-dominated in nature. For most of us the answer is easy, but hard: you start over. Just as their. And the answer is always the same. Not the sort where you bounced a check once, but chronic poverty—the type that is constant, relentless and crushing—the kind that destroys self respect, hope and confidence? In other words, popular best-selling writers like Michael Connolly and James Lee Burke will have their names emblazoned on the cover in much larger type than the title.

The consensus was always the Yankees, by a mile! And we wish you a Merry Christmas, as well as good health, peace and prosperity for you and yours in the coming New Year! Our world is, in fact copiously supplied with miscreants of all shapes and sizes and their misdeeds range from the asininely petty to the horrific: crimes against all of humanity. Would you have thought for example, back in when the Soviet Union was collapsing and the U. Or that we would be sm. Its about the down-and-outers, the losers, the hopeless, unforgiven and abandoned among us who often spend their entire literary lives trapped in self-imposed prisons of the mind.

Literature, c. This is the Mysterious Book Report, a weekly column where we talk about, analyze and feature books and authors dealing with Mysteries, Crime Fiction and an occasional Sci-Fi or Supernatural Thriller. Goodhouse Goodhouse Mysterious Book Report No by John Dwaine McKenna This week is Halloween and the last of our first-ever Freak-Fest, celebrating novels with creepy characters, angels, demons, or things that creak, sneak and chomp in the dark of the night.

Send us your thoughts—social media, snail mail or eee mail—let us know if you liked it or not and why. His name is Henry Dudlow.

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Or damned. Take your pick. Remember Spademan? Half the city scattered after that, but many others stayed. Where did the summer go? Oh well, fall is here now, and that means Halloween. To commemorate the holiday, all our book reviews for the month will touch on the otherworldly, the supernatural, eerie, weird, creepy and dystopian. So turn on all the lights and lock the doors, grab your silver amulet and runesword, and power up the Barcalounger.

It is defined as mysterious, enigmatic or incomprehensible, and its synonyms include words such as: hidden, imprenetrable, and blank. The Cartel Part 1. In order, they addressed slavery in America, political prisone. The Endangered Species Act. Personally, I never tire of them. It seems however, that all the great espionage writers have passed. Green Hell. Atop the pantheon in my opinion is a capricious, ever unpredictable, but always exceptional creative genius by the name of Ken Bruen.

The Organ Broker. The average wait for a donated organ, eighty-five percent which are kidneys, is Seven Years. People are dying before they make it to the top of t. World Gone By. A cowboy poet named Badger Clark summed it up nicely back in the s when he wrote,. Dry Bones in the Valley. Having grown up in the southern Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, whic.

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  • The Fixer. It was started in and completed on the last day of December It was projected to cost 2. What if two murders, spaced nearly fifty years apart, turn out to be linked to a safe deposit box? Find out in this tale of old vendettas In the underbelly of Las Vegas, these tales of a reluctant ex-private investigator in the darkest streets of Sin City, a town in constant need of fresh blood for its own survival Mike Dennis.

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    THE GHOSTS OF HAVANA (Key West Nocturnes Series Book 2) THE GHOSTS OF HAVANA (Key West Nocturnes Series Book 2)
    THE GHOSTS OF HAVANA (Key West Nocturnes Series Book 2) THE GHOSTS OF HAVANA (Key West Nocturnes Series Book 2)
    THE GHOSTS OF HAVANA (Key West Nocturnes Series Book 2) THE GHOSTS OF HAVANA (Key West Nocturnes Series Book 2)
    THE GHOSTS OF HAVANA (Key West Nocturnes Series Book 2) THE GHOSTS OF HAVANA (Key West Nocturnes Series Book 2)
    THE GHOSTS OF HAVANA (Key West Nocturnes Series Book 2) THE GHOSTS OF HAVANA (Key West Nocturnes Series Book 2)
    THE GHOSTS OF HAVANA (Key West Nocturnes Series Book 2) THE GHOSTS OF HAVANA (Key West Nocturnes Series Book 2)
    THE GHOSTS OF HAVANA (Key West Nocturnes Series Book 2) THE GHOSTS OF HAVANA (Key West Nocturnes Series Book 2)
    THE GHOSTS OF HAVANA (Key West Nocturnes Series Book 2) THE GHOSTS OF HAVANA (Key West Nocturnes Series Book 2)

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