A Back Pocket Full of Poems

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Did the students enjoy the workshops? What could we do better or try out next year? My favorite part of the evaluation meeting is sharing anecdotes about what the teachers observed. I love hearing about students who aren't seen as strong writers, but who have a chance to shine during our poetry workshops. I get to share my favorite moments of the residency also.

Poem of the week: The Autumn Outings by Maurice Rutherford

Poe and Mr. Shakespeare are fans of Greece! Chris could not wait to get his hands on this book and was thrilled when I loaned it to his classroom for a few days. The imagination lesson has four basic parts: 1. You can read the poem at this post. Imagine -- if you could put anything in your jacket pocket, what would it be? A super power?

Poems from Third Grade, Part 5

A magical object? A sunny day? Two rules on this step.

No money. No wishes. Anything students want to buy or wish for goes directly in that pocket.

Grievous Angel Poetry & Fiction

The students will presenting and performing their finished poems for friends, family, and peers on Friday. The third workshop of our residency was Pocket Poems. With the work we have done thinking about form List Poems — our first workshop and imagery Food Poems — second workshop , the students have a foundation in some basic poetry skills. Find it on Indiebound. The full description of this lesson is available here. The concept of this writing prompt is that we each have a jacket with magic pockets.

Put your hand inside and what will you find? A super power? An enchanted coat?

See a Problem?

Your best friend? A dinosaur egg? Many years ago, the Northfield team and I developed a craft to go with this workshop. The students personalize and decorate these pockets, then staple them to a display where they are stuffed with you guessed it the poems. Students and visitors love taking the poems out of their pockets to read. The extra interaction adds fun to the process of reading. My Hippogriff By Sarah L. I have a jacket. A jacket made of pockets. In pocket number highest number ever I have… a baby hippogriff. When it is young, I will find raw meet and ferrets to feed it with.

When it is old enough, I can train the hippogriff so its wings will be strong enough to fly, so I can ride it to get to places, with his soft white-tipped wing by my side, his shiny beak clicking and brown hooves running as we are ready for take off. Soon enough, we start gliding in the air. When we get back, he flies into my pocket, and we have a good night sleep, dreaming about the next day. I have a jacket, a jacket made of pockets.

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In pocket 5, a turtle hides inside. It comes outside every night and tells me magical stories through the light. It eats baloney, usually in a sandwich. He tells cheesy jokes, as cheesy as they are. We play outside at night, when my parents are deep in sleep. Sometimes, instead of baloney, I feel him macaroni. Sometimes even chocolate.

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  • He smells like pie, because of shampoo, with a bottom that smells like soup. In pocket number 2 I have a pair of wings. I take them out to fly away when I feel like flying to a place where I can be alone to do whatever I want. I take them out when I want to avoid doing something or to reach high places. They are black, black with white tips. In pocket I have a key that unlocks my brain and takes me to Maine.

    Untitled By Arianna J. In pocket number 8 I have a magic ball. If I ask the ball a question. I can see what I asked. Now what shall I ask. Oh, I know. Change it.

    A Back Pocket Full of Poems A Back Pocket Full of Poems
    A Back Pocket Full of Poems A Back Pocket Full of Poems
    A Back Pocket Full of Poems A Back Pocket Full of Poems
    A Back Pocket Full of Poems A Back Pocket Full of Poems
    A Back Pocket Full of Poems A Back Pocket Full of Poems
    A Back Pocket Full of Poems A Back Pocket Full of Poems
    A Back Pocket Full of Poems A Back Pocket Full of Poems

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