Fora de Serviço (Portuguese Edition)

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There is a distinction in sports terms between the two major translation markets. In Brazilian Portuguese, the main trend is to keep it as close as the English term as possible:. In European Portuguese, it is generally preferred to find a local expression whenever it is possible:. However, due to geopolitical and economical influences, the Brazilian mindset is gaining ground over the European one, and quickly.

I want to keep this answer as short as possible, but I can comment on them if you believe they are needed for context. We use some English terms in Portugal like tiebreak and set but you can use all terms in English we will understand them. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

What are the common tennis terms in Portuguese? Ask Question. By the middle of the year, the land that would be the main site was already in movement, establishing the footings and equipment house 2 June of the same year. On 31 August , King Carlos inaugurated the metal bridge and awning, [4] in a ceremony that included members of the royal family, the members of the elevator company, Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard, and various members of the nobility and journalists.

Silvestre de Almeida, accompanied by journalists and other invited guests, in a ceremony presided over by the Secretary-General of the Civil Government. The operating concession was given to the company Lisbon Electric Tramway Ltd. Waygood, [3] [4] [5] [6] and the respective concessionary company bought the Elevator in , from the Empresa do Elevador do Carmo.

In , the Lisbon Electric Tramway Ltd. The process was approved, with the condition that its operation should be integrated into the transport network, with the Companhia da Carris as the principal. After remodelling and renovation, the elevator walkway was reopened on February for the general public and tourists.

The lift is included on the historical guides of Lisbon, within the down-town Pombaline Baixa area between several older historical buildings in the quarter. The elevator gives access to many of the important zones of the city. The elevator is a vertical structure, developed along the Rua de Santa Justa , consisting of a metal tower, observation platform, walkway and base.

Destituto ou indigente. Detached House. Casa isolada see semi-detached. Detective Chief Inspector. Detective Constable. Detention Centre.

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Deviant Children. Development, a housing context. Dilatory Tactics. Diminished responsibility. Director of Public Prosecutions, the Director. Disabled Access. Acesso para deficientes. Por em Liberdade ou Absolver. Discharge Report. Discharged depends on context. Dispensado ou Anulado. Discharged for summons. Drink driver gave blood and has to return for results. Disciplinary Hearing. Disciplinary Proceedings. Processo Disciplinar. Disclosure of documents.

Descoberta de documentos entre os advogados de ambas as partes. Discovery act of. Discontinuance Letter when no further action will be taken. Discretionary Conditional Release. Discretionary Grant. Discrimination on grounds of race, sex, disability. Dismembering Slicing. Esquartejamento desmembrar. Dismiss, to. Dismissal Letter. Carta de Despedimento.

Elétricos de Portugal

Disobey a court order. Desobedecer a uma ordem imposta pelo Tribunal. Dispute, a claim. Dispute, beyond. Disputes liability and amount claimed. Contesta a responsabilidade e o montante. Disqualified from driving. Desqualificado de Conduzir. Esbulho, Desapossamento. District Council. District Court. Tribunal de Comarca Tribunal Distrital. District Mayor. Presidente da Junta de Freguesia.

District Rent Officer. Divorce Counselling Session or Therapy Session. Divorce proceedings. DNA desoxiribonucleic acid. DNA Testing. Banco dos Acusados Br. Documentary Evidence. Document Exchange DX. Domestic, a. Domestic Violence. Doping Sports. Draft Evasion. Draft Law A Bill. Draft letter of intent. Driving not in accordance with his license. Drove off made their escape. Drug Addict. Drug Smuggling Trafficking. Drunk and Incapable. Drunk Driving. DSS Fraud Dept. Duty of care. Duty Solicitor.

Oficioso, Adv. Duty to Co-habit. Dever de co-habitar. Education social worker or Welfare officer. Either Way Offences Trial. Electronic tagging. Eligible Rent. No aterro, ao lado da estrada. Emergency Accommodation.

[ Census: are there enough anaesthesiologists in Portugal?]

Empanelled assembled the jury was empanelled. Empregado Trabalhador por conta de outrem. Employment Appeal Tribunal. Tribunal de Trabalho — Recursos. Employment Protection Consolidation Act Employment Training. Enacted, by law. Decretado nos termos da lei. Enactments of government. End of Contract. End of questioning. Endorsement 1 to add something to a document. Endorsement 2 to transfer to another a right. Enduring Power of Attorney. Enforcement Proceedings. Enter Appeal. Equal Opportunities Commission.

Equal Pay Act Establish a service see setting up. Estate Agent. Estate Costs. Estate Manager. Gestor de Propriedade. Estate Officers. Caso Julgado. Estoppel by Judgement. Ethnic Minorities. Ethnic origin. European Court of Human Rights. Tribunal Europeu dos Direitos Humanos. European Convention of Human Rights. Eviction Proceedings. Processo de Despejo. Prova, Meio de prova, Testemunho. Evidence 2 give evidence in court. Evidential Test.

Enough evidence to convict or take to court. Prova comprovativa. Examination in chief. Exceptional Leave to Remain. Excise Stamp. Execution against goods. Exemption Certificate.

Exempt person taxes see taxable person. Sujeito passivo, Isento. Ex-gratia payment. Pagamento Ex-gratia. Exhaust Emission Offences. Exhibit Prova. Exibir documentos comprovativos objecto ou documento apresentado em Tribunal. Ex parte now Without Notice. Expert witness. Perito, Testemunha Pericial. Express declaration,. Extended Sentence. EU convention on laundering, search, seizure and confiscation of proceeds of crime. Family Court Welfare Report. Family Mediation Service. Recursos de procedimento acelerado. Mercadorias defeituosas ou Mercadorias imperfeitas. Financial Insufficiency Certificate.

Fines and associated penalties. First Lord of the Admiralty. Fit for Human Habitation. Flying Squad of State Police. Force Majeure contract. Forensic relating to courts. Forense referente ao foro judicial. Foreseen scheduled by. Forfeit surrender something as a penalty.

Foster Family or Foster Parents. Propriedade alodial livre de encargos. Full Beams Headlights. Further Training depends on context. Further Training Course. Further Vocational Training. Gangs — Bando de Marginais ex. Zulus, Raps, Black Boys. Garnishee Proceedings. Garnishee Order. Serious cuts, knife wounds, etc. General Provisions. Genuine belief. Acreditar sinceramente. Government Bill. Grand Jury US. Graphological tests.

Green Form Scheme. Gross Indecency. Gross negligence. Guarantee agreement on 1st demand. Guardian ad Litem now Litigation friend. Guilty Pleas. A prerogative writ directed to a person who detains another in custody, it commands him to produce that person before the court. Habitual residence test performed at the Benefits Agency. Hardship Provision or Payment. Hard Shoulder motorway.

Harmful Publications. Hashish see cannabis. Hazard Warning Lights. Head of Service. Head of State. Health and Safety at Work Act Health and Safety at Work Regulations Health Visitor. Enfermeira Especializada em Pediatria. Hearsay not allowed in court what someone else has been heard to say. Por ouvir dizer boato 2. Conjectura 3. Testemunho de ouvir dizer. Held on Remand. HGV — Heavy goods vehicle. High Commissioner. High Court Tribunal.

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Highway Code. Highway ramp. HM Treasury. Home circumstances report. Home Leave. Homeless Sem abrigo. Homeless Unit. Centro de acolhimento para os sem abrigo. Home Office. Homologation period. Hooked on drugs. Viciado em droga Toxicodependente. Hospital Order on the grounds of mental disorder. House of Commons Lower House. House of Lords Upper House. Housing Act. Housing Action Trust. Housing Association. Housing Benefit. Housing Corporation.

Housing Estate. Housing Officer. Housing waiting list. Lista de espera para alojamento. Veredicto pendente. Identification Parade. IdentiKit and Photofit. Idle dispute or an idle lawsuit. Inutilidade da lide. Immediate Imprisonment. Immigration Rules. Immigration Appeal Tribunal. Impechment USA. Import Declaration. Imposition of Sanctions. Imprisonable offence. Delito sujeito a pena privativa de liberdade.

In camera now In Private. Public not allowed in. Incident Report Police. Auto de Noticia Br. Incitement to incite someone else to commit a crime. Income Support. Indecent Assault. Indecent Displays. Indecent Exposure. Indecent Photographs. Fotografias indecentes. Independent Contractors. Indictable Offences. Indicted for Murder. Indictment Doc. Industrial Dispute. Disputa Industrial. Industrial Estate. Parque Industrial ou Centro Empresarial. Industrial Training Act Industrial Tribunal now Employment Tribunal.

Tribunal do Trabalho. Inferred refusal. Information desks. Informed Consent. Inhuman or degrading treatment. Tratamento desumano ou degradante. Injunction refraining someone from doing something or going into a certain area. Injunction 2. Inland Revenue. Inland Revenue Department. Inmates in Hospital. In private. In Pursuance of. Nos termos de, por forca de. Inquest an inquiry not a trial, but in the presence of a jury. Insolvency Practitioner. Insolvency Proceedings. Inspector Police Force. Institute Proceedings Appeals. Instrument of Conveyance. Integral part of….

Integral part therein, an. Do qual faz parte integrante. Intellectual Property. Propriedade intelectual. Intensive Training Course. Inter Alia Amongst other things. Entre outras coisas. Interim Care order.

COMO conseguir emprego em Portugal ainda no Brasil

Interim disqualification from driving. Inter partes now On Notice. Interview Room at Police Station. In the public interest. Intimate Samples eg. Blood, urine, saliva, DNA. Intimate search. In witness whereof, granting is requested. Nestes termos, pede deferimento. Issue or Institute Proceedings. It was lodged a deed of aggravation of the decision not granted at the beginning. Joinder of claims. Joint order.

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  6. Ordem Conjunta ou co-ligada. Judgement by. Judgement Creditor. Judgement Debtor. Judgement for Plaintiff. Judgement of the Court of Justice. Judgement set aside, to. Judicial Action. Judicial Appeal. Recurso contencioso. Judicial Opinion. Lando Um parecer ex. Judicial Proceeding. Judicial Record. Judicial Remedy. Recurso Jurisdicional. Judicial Review. Jurisdiction for execution. Jury Summoning Officer. Jury Summons. Jury was empanelled. A lista dos jurados foi feita. Juvenile Court Tribunal. Tutelar de Menores. Labour claim. Lack of proof. Land Ancillary to a building. Lands Tribunal.

    Tribunal da Propriedade Rural. Law Centre. Lawful excuse. Law Society. Ordem dos Advogados. Law of Tort. Direito de Natureza Civil. Lawsuit see Judicial Proceeding. Processo Judicial ou Lide. Lay Magistrates. Leading Questions questions made in cross-examination.

    Fora de Serviço (Portuguese Edition) Fora de Serviço (Portuguese Edition)
    Fora de Serviço (Portuguese Edition) Fora de Serviço (Portuguese Edition)
    Fora de Serviço (Portuguese Edition) Fora de Serviço (Portuguese Edition)
    Fora de Serviço (Portuguese Edition) Fora de Serviço (Portuguese Edition)
    Fora de Serviço (Portuguese Edition) Fora de Serviço (Portuguese Edition)
    Fora de Serviço (Portuguese Edition) Fora de Serviço (Portuguese Edition)

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