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Montgomery's a Tangled Web. Elizabeth Enright, Melendy family series. Took me a few minutes to put your clues together, but this is definitely it. The children are Mona, Rush, Randy, and Oliver. They are not mystery books but Spiderweb for Two is about a year-long treasure hunt that the rest of the family puts on for Randy and Oliver. Elizabeth Enright, The Saturdays. The housekeeper is Cuffy, the eldest son, Rush, plays the piano, Mona gets her hair permed and nails painted and removes the polish with perfume.

A Tangled Web by Montgomery is about a will and all the members of the family who wish to inherit a certain vase. This sounds like the Melendy family. In The Saturdays, Mona uses her Saturday to get a perm and manicure. In Spiderweb for Two Randy and Oliver get clues to a year long treasure hunt when the older kids are away at school. Rush plays the piano. Their housekeeper's name is Cuffy. Don't think that this is an L. Not the right type, and her list of works doesn't seem to have a series of this type. Mona is the one who gets nail polish off with perfume!

Cuffy is the housekeeper. Might these be Enright's books about the Melendy family? Although the children are not detectives, per se, Spiderweb for Two does feature a mystery with the two youngest children, Randy and Oliver. Other details: no mother, the housekeeper's name is Cuffy not Curly , there are 4 then 5! Rush the oldest boy plays the piano. In the first book, The Saturdays , Mona indulges in a scandalous beauty treatment including haircut although I don't think "Brillo Queen" featured and manicure, and she ends up removing her nail polish with strong perfume.

I hope these turn out to be the right books -- they should be great treat to re-discover! I never "lost" Enright's children's books among my favorites , but I've just discovered her adult fiction short stories with very great pleasure, and would highly recommend them, especially to fans of her writing for children. Four children live in a Victorian house - it has a cupola - I believe there was an illustration of it, might have been on the cover.

I think the children live there on their own. Each weekend, one of them is "allowed" to leave the house and have an adventure. They weren't in prison! I think they might have been so poor, there was some "sensible" reason for this situation. It was charmingly told each adventure was engaging. The Melendy children pool their allowance so each one of them, on their Saturday, can plan some special all day outing.

The children are not poor but I believe the war is on and they are still rationing. Their home, with cupola, is described at great length in The Four Story Mistake. You're combining two of the Melendy family books. In The Saturdays , the family is living in New York City and the children pool their allowances so that they can take turns going to the art gallery, the opera and so on. In The Four Story Mistake , they move to a house in the country that has a cupola.

This sounds like a combination of both these stories - in The Saturdays , the kids take turns having adventures, and in The Four Story Mistake , they've moved out to the country and the house has a cupola. Elizabeth Enright?? Is it possible you're remembering parts of two of the books about the Melendy family? In the second book, they move to the country and live in a Victorian house with a four-windowed cupola on the roof. In the first book, the children live in New York, and pool their money so that each child can have an adventure on successive Saturdays eventually they start having their 'adventures' as a group.

In the second book, they move to a house with a cupola. I'm looking for a book I read as a child about a family - there's at least a couple of daughters, a father and I don't know if I remember a mom or a grandmother. Each chapter of the book is a different "episode" in the life of the family She tries to hide her hands during the next meal with the family, but gets caught and becomes more upset when she thinks the polish won't come off. That's all I remember, I apologize, but I'd really like to find this book.

I would have been reading it around or so, but I'm not sure how old the book was at the time it seemed a bit antiquated in its reflection of family values, I recall! Thanks so much! This is the first of the Melendy stories. When they can't afford a vacation outside NYC, the four kids pool their allowances and each does something exciting with all the week's money. Mona gets her hair bobbed and accidentally a red manicure, and the hairdresser tells her a story about running away to the city.

The other kids go to an opera, an art gallery, and the circus. Elizabeth Enright, The Saturdays , This is definitely the book. The girl with the nail polish is Mona, and she also has her hair cut that day. Its the first of the Melendy Quartet. The girls name was mona and it was her turn to used the combined weekly allowence of all the kids to do exactly what she wanted - she got a perm and a manicure - and got in big trouble!!

Definitely the one. See solved stumpers. In one chapter Mona, the eldest daughter, spends her Saturday money having her hair cut in a grown up style and inadvertently gets a manicure at the same time which causes almost more trouble than having her braids cut off Elizabeth Enright, The Saturdays , In this book, four siblings decide to pool their weekly allowances and take turns spending the money on a special Saturday outing.

On her Saturday, teen Mona Melendy takes a trip to a beauty salon where she gets a short and stylish haircut and a manicure with bright nail polish.

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Her father a widower disapproves and she later removes the nail polish with cologne or perfume. Followed by three sequels. Please see the "S" solved pages for more information. This is the one about the siblings who pool their allowances so each child can have a Saturday outing on their own. Almost definitely The Satrudays. I believe this is the book you're looking for. This sounds like The Saturdays , the first book in the series about the Melendy family. In it, Mona, the oldest girl, gets her hair cut and her fingernails polished on one of her outings and gets in trouble for it.

Enright, Elizabeth, The Saturdays. Solution for nail polish no-nos- Mona, the eldest daughter in the Melendy family, uses her Saturday to get her hair and nails done. Elizabeth Enright, the saturdays , The other three kids are Randy, Rush, and Oliver. Sounds like it might be this classic. Mona is the girl's name. N60 is The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright. Each of the Melendy children pool their allowance and take turns having a Saturday out alone. Mona goes to the beauty shop, gets her hair cut, and a manicure. Cuffy, the housekeeper, removes the nail polish with perfume.

This episode is from the first book about the Melendy Family. The four children pool their allowances so that they each have an adventure in NYC. Elizabeth Enright, The Saturdays, s. This sounds like one of the chapters from The Saturdays , where Mona Melendy spends the siblings Mona, Rush, Randy and Oliver pooled allowance to go to the city for a makeover. Each chapter is one of the kids using the allowance money for something they really want.

This sounds like The Saturdays to me I think she gets her hair cut too. The other kids are Rush, Randy and Oliver. There's a dad, but the mom died, and Cuffy is the housekeeper -- definitely a grandmotherly type. Kids live in a big house in the city and the whole top floor is a play room. They keep clay in the bathroom sink. The first of the Melendy family books. The top floor is The Office, which is the children's playroom, and they have clay in a sink, that needs to be moistened regularly.

That's one of Oliver's jobs I think it's Oliver's. Elizabeth Enright, The Saturdays , 60s, approximate. This really sounds like The Saturdays , one of the Melendy family books. In this book they all lived in the city, had a huge playroom, and kept clay in the sink, or maybe turtles.

There are other Melendy books for after they move out to the country into a huge house, have a huge playroom, etc. Elizabeth Enright, The Saturdays , , copyright. Definitely this first in the 4-book Melendy family series which are still in print. Their upstairs playroom has clay in the sink, a piano, masks and other wonderful stuff. Every Saturday, each child takes a turn going somewhere different in the city with their pooled allowance money.

The first of the Melendy books-definitely the one. This is the first of the books about the Melendy Family. This can be none other than this well-loved classic. The details match! You will find lots of other details on the solved pages. Enright, Elizabeth, The Melendy Family. Sounds like a detail from the Melendy Family series. There were four children children, Mona, Rush, Randy, and Oliver, who lived in Manhattan with their widowed father. They did have a large playroom on the top floor of a tall, thin brownstone, one which did include the bathtub full of clay, and also a large upright piano, a trapeze, and several pictures on the ceiling formed by leaks.

The children themselves had several adventures exploring the city. Later books dealt with their lives after they moved to the country. Hope this helps. Could this be The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright? Printed originally in , it's a timeless story, and has been reprinted many times including an edition that came out in the 70s If it's the one, in addition to the full-floor play room, you might remember that the four siblings 2 boys, 2 girls each took turns having a "Saturday" adventure with their combined allowance Eldest girl went to the theatre, youngest boy to the circus, etc.

Part of the Melendy family books, before they move to the country. The Office is what they call their playroom. Thank you all so much for solving the mystery. The Saturdays. Henry Holt, , , New hardback with new cover illustration by Tricia Tusa. Henry Holt, , , 20th hardback printing. Ex-library edition with only stamp being on top edges, very small water damage to top corner of pages. PA Pot Named Pete. Thanks for the info. I'll have to ask my friend if these sound familiar to her.

Hi again. I have spoken to my friend about this book and she has provided further information. The pot is definitely called Peep, not Pete. It wasn't a magic pot, it was simply one that was divided into three sections where you could cook three different things unheard of at the time. The father of the family was a travelling salesman who sold the pots and the family all had Norwegian sounding names.

The book had a cloth cover. That's about it! Thanks a lot. Father is an inventor and his whistling saucepan, Peep, makes the trip lucrative, exciting and funny. The story is told by eleven year old Lars. Thank you thank you! I just looooove this website Where I remember the book being shelved in the school library could well have been the M's, and the publication date is feasible.

I'd like to have a copy of this one as well. Sounds like Sawdust In His Shoes, the story of a teenage circus equestrian who is placed in an orphanage, but runs away and is taken in by a farm family. He trains one of the plow horses, develops an new act, and eventually rejoins the circus. The boy's father, a lion tamer, gets killed, and he has to go to an orphanage, from which he runs away. The boy is a solo equestrien and finds the perfect horse for him on the farm.

He ends up back in the circus as a headliner. I vaguely remember reading something similar back in the early 80s. I think the title was " Sawdust in his Shoes ", and I thought the author was Edward Fenton , but I couldn't locate it online, so probably not. Maybe this will help jar someone else's memory though.. Well, it's not common, but I did find one: L.

London, W. Chambers, n. Illustrated by A. Talbot Smith. Decorative board with picture of four children sitting on a wall. Spine a little bit cracked. James Hurst, The Scarlet Ibis.

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I was absolutely haunted by this story It apparently made an impression on my uncle as well so the story must be at least from the 60s , who ended up naming his company after it. This is the story. Its been a staple of high school literature books since at least the s. The brother's name is Doodle. The short story, one of my persnonal favorites, was in the 9th grade literature book used at Beaumont Junior High, Lexington, KY.

The date - school year. Been a while since I read it, but I'm pretty sure this is it. The young brother's name is Doodle. James Hurst, The Scarlet Ibis , Oh, thank you everyone for finding the title of this short story. I read it when I was in 8th or 9th grade and I remember reading it over and over because I was so moved and saddened by the story.

This is now one of my favorite websites. Keep up the great work! Dang, I just solved it myself! Think I'll try to get it on interlibrary loan, just to see if it's as powerful as I remember. I remember that my sixth grade self was really shaken by the raw portrayal of the guilt felt over the death as I remember itperhaps it was just a severe injury of a younger sibling. When a hearse goes by is a line from an Emily Dickinson poem.

Lovely imagery! Alvin H. Schwartz did a series of Scary Stories books. I believe it is the first one which contains the "worms" song, all the words, as well as notes on its origins. W57 The person is right about the Schwartz book as a source for the song. Schwartz also includes a good bibliography at the back, so the person can take a look at that too.

I've had this book before. I believe it's called exactly that: Scat! No mistaking this one -- it's School in the Sky. It's been quite a while but I recall one of the students was a girl named Annie, and they had a cow in the plane with them! I remember being fascinated with the description of strapping in the cow for takeoff! Dear Harriett, I am very happy I found your website! My search for a book was solved with the title " School in the Sky ". I can't figure out how to respond within the post so I am writing to you to say "thanks" to whoever solved it. I am very grateful. I made this request on behalf of someone I met at a dinner.

We started talking about children's books and she mentioned one about children traveling the world in a glass-bottomed airplane. She said she didn't know the title or author, but had searched everywhere for the book with the little information she had. I found your website later that night and now we have the answer. She will be thrilled. Thanks for helping people rediscover the books that shaped their worlds when they were young. Finding a book you once loved is like opening a door and stepping into the past for a while.

I have two young daughters and can't part with a single book of theirs, because I want that door to their early years to always be close by. Don't know whether this is the book you're looking for, but the author's name seemed close enough to Armstrong to be worth a shot. I remember the title now that I see it!

Is this out of print, and if so can you find an inexpensive copy for me? This might be one of Elisabeth Ogilvie's books She's still writing, but most of her young readers stuff would be vintage 40's or so. Maybe this will help! Masquerade At Sea House. McGraw Hill, Thanks for keeping this request in mind. Yes, you had sent the Ogilvie suggestion before and my mother says she has looked at Ogilvie's books and none of them is it. Someday, we'll find it! I wonder if this could be the book by Eleanor Mercein Kelly. I don't know anything about her except that she won the O Henry award a couple of times for her short stories, and she was from Kentucky.

She wrote from the 's through 's or so, and her stories were set all other the place. She did publish a book called Sea Change, in the early 30's, I think, but I've never read it. Thanks for the tip. My mom swears it's not this one, but I've put in an interlibrary loan request for a copy, just in case. I can't find a used one anywhere. Definitely not it. Worth, Kathryn , Sea change.

Cape, I researched this one thoroughly and the only book with that name that hasn't been eliminated previously is this one. A young woman girl? She has no memory of her name, and so they call her Marina. The Trevelyans have a son named Norman that she ends up falling in love with. In the denouement, she is discovered to be the granddaughter of old friends of the family, with an old locket that she wore when found being the proof. Her father was the black sheep of the family and was in Australia, sending his daughter back to his parents by ship.

I realize that not all of the details are not an exact fit, but it does have the name, the red cover, a publication date early enough to be possible, and an unconventional for the times romance. I check back from time to time, to see if anyone has found my mother's Sea Change. Here is a more complete list of books that I have tried. West, Jr. After checking dozens of books with this title, this turned out to be the one!

I have it on interlibrary loan and would really like to get a copy for my mother.

Arius De Winter's Books and Publications Spotlight

If anyone can find a less expensive copy, I'd be very grateful. Library of Congress description: "John dreams he visits the kingdom of the sea horses where he rescues the king's favorite sea horse from the lair of an ancient spider". My mystery was indeed solved! I loved this story and can now get it for my two year old son. Thanks so much. Edmund Cooper, Seahorse in the Sky , , copyright. Could this be it?

They find that they can all understand one another despite speakign different languages, and later learn that 2 other groups of people, one from a mediaeval-level civilisation and another from a stone-age civilisation are also there. I dont recal it being a YA novel - I seem to recall that there is a certain amoubt of sex and violence. Varley, John, Millennium , , copyright. Aliens actually humans from Earths future kidnap airplane passengers and transport them to the future, where warfare and pollution have reduced the population to a mere handful. These airline passengers are needed to re-populate the Earth.

The twist is that all these passengers were about to die in a dreadful plane crash. The "snatch teams" from the future can look back in time, see these crashes, or sinking ships, or whatever, arrange for clones to be prepared to substitute for the living people, and then snatch away the otherwise-doomed passengers. Airplane abducted by aliens.

Cooper's Seahorse in the Sky is indeed the one I was thinking of. Holling C. Holling, Seabird , Holling Clancy Holling, Seabird. The bird is carved by a young man on a whaling ship, and is passed down through a few generations of his family, following the changes in ships. Houghton Mifflin, , sixth printing. Nice hardback edition in edgeworn and spine frayed dust jacket. Moody, Ralph. Come On Seabiscuit. Illustrated by Robert Riger. Houghton Mifflin, Young American Book Club.

Regarding SSea Child: Perhaps if the poster uses the keyword "selkie" she might have more success I'm the poster for query S Sea Child. I looked up selkies to no avail, so far. I suddenly remembered that the orphan was named Meave or possibly Maeve. In doing a search on the net I discovered that Maeve is an Irish heroine and it occurs to me that "Da," what the young people called their father in the story, is also an Irish phenomenon. However, the book is most definitely NOT a folktale; it's set in the future.

The book also has to have been written before , because I read it in high school. I hope these scant details will spark a memory in your other readers. I keep thinking of Poul Anderson's The Merman's Children , but that's not a children's book, and has sex and violence as well as fantasy about the last remnants of Faerie being driven out by Christianity. Maybe Eyas by Crawford Killian. New York: Bantam Books "Through the long centuries of humanity's twilight, the People of Longstrand lived in peace and harmony with nature, under the protection of their goddess from the sea.

Then she put her mark upon a raven-haired child who would alter their destiny forever -- Eyas, nestling of the hawk. A fantasy adventure tale of a whale and respect for nature and family. Beautiful illustrations in brush and wash half tones by Diane Goode. Hughe lives all alone, nursing his grief at the loss of wife and family and quietly doing good. Among his cares is that of wild creatures which have been damaged in the oil-polluted sea, and one day a strange creature indeed comes into his care, a girl from a distant country, speaking an unknown language.

He nurses her back to health and eventually marries her. But the valley is tainted by Gwyn the daftie, retarded and malicious. Gwyn decides that the girl is a seal-woman and that she shall bring bad luck to the village. He plays on the superstitious fears of the villagers and builds up hostility towards her. The ugliness mounts and bursts out into arson and violence.

One day the man finds a grey seal pup "stranded on the sand bar, crying for its own. Vowing that he should never return to the sea, the foster-parents bring him up as their son. But when the fisherman is foundering offshore in a terrible storm, the boy rushes to his rescue, plunging back into the wide, enveloping sea. A born naturalist, intuitive and intelligent, Shian could swim long distances with the seals she had thin webs between her fingers and toes and she could talk with, and even tame, wild animals.

From early childhood, Shian had been told by her grandparents that she was a sea-child born in a seal-cave and that one day a sea-prince would come and take her back to the kingdom beyond the horizon whence she had come. Baird, Alison, The Hidden World, darn it! If it weren't for the publication date this would be almost perfect: "Maeve O'Connor is 15, wants to be an actress, is not particularly pretty, and is a perennial outsider at her school near Toronto. To make matters worse her father has just lost his job, her rebellious older brother is driving her parents apart, and to top it all off they have sent her off to rural Newfoundland to spend the summer with her aunt and uncle.

Through a talisman she discovers in a bureau -- and her own fey nature -- she begins shifting back and forth between Newfoundland and a parallel universe of Celtic myth, Annwn, which her grandmother had described in a children's novel. She is befriended by Thomas, an Annwn-born boy of her age and his community, but terror soon grips the land as the evil sea-dwelling Fomori, bent on subjugating Annwn drive forth Thomas' people from their homes.

When things are looking bleakest for her friends, she and Thomas mount a bold bid to enlist the aid of the fairy folk. If Maeve's grandmother's book were real, maybe that would be the answer. McKillip , The Changeling Sea, s. I don't think this is your book, but The Changeling Sea by Patricia Mckillip has a very similar plot, with the genders reversed.

Angler's daughter finds a young man on the beach, who looks very much like the son of the ruling family, Prince Kir, who is obsessed with the sea.. A Sea Dragon is threatening the land. Laurence Yep, Seademons. Maeve is a human child raised by aliens and then returned to a human-setted world, where she can never truly fit in. The paperback has a gorgeous cover by Frank Frazetta.

The book must not have done well, he never wrote anything else like it, but I loved it. Thank you! I know it's been ages since I submitted this query. Seademons by Lawrence Yep is the answer. My thanks to everyone who tried to help me. I had it in the seventies, and I have never seen it since Dean Walley, Seals on Wheels , This book was published by the Hallmark card company. Great book for reading aloud! It contains the "green meanies" and everything the person mentioned.

Something about fellows eating lemon jello -- they are yellow fellows. I read it in the mids. You've got the title right. See G and Solved Mysteries. All I remember is the last words of the book on last page are Night is falling, bang. Page is black. It may have been a first color's book for ages I think it may be a small black covered book with a small peacock on it.

Our family to this day all say "Night is falling! Have saved all books from that time but can't find this one amoung them! Very frustrating. I won't give up! Dean Walley, Seals on Wheels, I have solved my own mystery. I searched high and low in my attic for this book as I had saved all books from when my children were young but was having trouble locating this one!

It finally turned up!! I noticed one other person on stumpers was looking for this book, think it was listed under Peacock, but can't remember their stumper number. I think it had a white alligator on a page, and there was a peacock on every page. I know the last page says The night is falling I thought the book was called the night is falling but I guess I'm wrong. It was a child's book to learn colors. NY Lothrop The publication date may be too late, but there are resemblances. The search continue's.

Just thought you should know. Dean Walley , Seals on Wheels, According to stumper N93 this is the book that ends with "Bang! Night is falling" Dean Walley , Seals on Wheels, This was a Hallmark Series book from Somehow, I found it on the LOC site using various keywords - one of which was "seamstress.

Thanks anyway!! I come across it all the time in a thrift store and can pick it up if it's still there next time Simon, Tony. The Search for Planet X. New York: Basic Books, Scholastic, Margaret Jean Anderson, Searching for Shona , Did the cover show one girl looking down from a train window at the other? I seem to remember the cover was mostly green and I'm pretty sure I got it from one of those Scholastic order forms. Now that someone's posted the title, I can tell you that Searching for Shona is definitely the book I was thinking of when I posted my clue.

I was thinking that one of the girls was named Sasha. Hope this is it! It's definitely Searching for Shona. It ends, after a conversation in which Shona denies switching places with Marjorie, "Yes, Shona could keep her money, her relatives, and even her name! Marjorie walked down Willowbrae Road feeling bold, confident, and daring. She had found herself at last. And she liked what she had found.

Anderson, Margaret J, Searching for Shona , During the evacuation of children from Edinburgh in the early days of World War II, shy, wealthy Margaret on her way to relatives in Canada trades places and identities with the orphaned Shona bound for the Scottish countryside Margaret Jean Anderson, Searching for Shona. This sounds like "Searching for Shona".

You can read more about it in the "Solved" section. NY Atheneum I'm sure I'm not the only one who's going to suggest this one. Here's a plot description: "Pamela found living with two old aunts dreadful until the moment a boy moved out of the mist with a flute and a herd of weirdly beautiful ponies. But wherever they came from, Ponyboy and his ponies brought a summer of magic, high adventure and a new beginning to a girl who had lost all hope The old aunts won't hear of her having anything to do with horses, so she has to keep it a secret.

The Sea Sprite by Jane S. McIlvaine , published in , is about a girl named Callie Pritchard who learns to sail. She is from a wealthy family, her father is an ambassador, so she has traveled around a lot and not had a chance to make friends. Jane McIlvaine, Sea Sprite , The girl in the book is Callie, not Candy. She receives the Sea Sprite as a birthday gift, and hopes it will help her fit in with the other teens, but its not that easy.

She takes sailing lessons, and is frequently alone Thanks so much for trying to solve this. Somehow, The Sea Sprite about a wealthy girl doesn't sound right, but I'll take a look at it when I find it. Janet Lambert, Candy Kane. Could you be confusing two stories here? The Sea Sprite is about a lonely girl who learns to sail, and a similar themed book, although not with any sailing involved A lonely "military brat" girl grows up and becomes more independent No, I do remember that sailing was a primary theme in the book.

Thanks for trying though! You have this listed under solved, with the title Sea Sprite by Jane McIlvaine, but the original poster had said that this didn't sound like the right book I was one of the people who suggested it. Turner's vacations. But Sandra wantee to learn everything about managing a boat herself.

Shy and unable to make friends easily, she longed to join the Junior Yacht Club and take part in the sailing courses and all the activities". Hope you can reactivate the old stumper, and that this is at last the book in question! I don't remember the tiles but both D19 and M20 sound familiar to me. Jane mysteries. I read as many of these as I could find in the 60's and most of them had plots along these lines.

This is very scanty, but The Fortune of the Indies by Edith Ballinger Price , published by Century, s "A mystery-adventures story connected with the model of a clipper ship. Radford , published by Abelard-Schuman, " A charming story of a hunt for Great-Grandmother's emerald necklace, on an old plantation in Georgia. Kids went to live in a new subdivision near the water. Their dad was at sea most of the time. The old house around which the subdivision had been built had a cupola where you could watch ships returning from voyages.

Either the subdivision or the old house was called Sea View. And, yes, the monkey done it. The kids found the jewels. Seaward by Susan Cooper. Her name is Cally. They speak different languages and come from different countries thousands of miles apart, but they do not know that. What they do know are the tragedies that took their parents, then wrenched the two of them out of reality, into a strange and perilous world through which they must travel together, knowing only that they must reach the sea.

Together West and Cally embark upon a strange and sometimes terrifying quest, learning to survive and to love and, at last, the real secret of their journey. Susan Cooper, Seaward. The boy, Westerly, and girl, Cally Calliope , meet in another world following the deaths of their parents and must survive a number of adventures, including outwitting the Lady Taranis. A novel about Cally and Westerly, Cally does turn out to be a Selkie in the end.

An excellent book! They travel together with the help of Lugan. I read this as a kid and it is still one of my favorite books. Second Best. This was a teen romance paperback written in the 's for the Wildfire series. Can't remember the author. Check out the "mixed lots" of teen fiction on eBay as I saw one there recently and I'm betting you'll find a copy. Make sure you search descriptions as it wouldn't be listed in the auction title. Good luck! Is this it? Pascal, Francine. Second Best Sweet Valley Twins The biggest party of the year is coming up.

If Jessica can get "un-grounded" in time, she'll be able to go. And both twins are putting in extra time on their special school projects. His antisocial brother, Dylan, is in Elizabeth's. Dylan feels that he will never be as good as his brother. So why should he even bother to try? Elizabeth really wants to prove to Dylan that he can be the best at something, too. But can she help him without coming between two brothers?

I was the one who originally posted the solution Second Best. It's not a Sweet Valley book, it was published under the Wildfire series. The description on the back is exactly what she just described. And the author is Helen Cavanagh. I came across it today, strangely enough, in a thrift store. David Williams, Second Sight The heroine of this one had a troubled marriage. I think a miscarriage was involved, plus the husband had an affair. They were trying to reconcile but she not only liked it better in the past, but she also came to prefer the man she met there, an artist, so she left the present to live in the past.

Her husband later finds a old painting which the artist did of her. Williams, David. I'm going to try to find it at the library and see if it's the same one. It sounds familiar but I'll know when I see it. I'll let you know then. The Witch Family by Eleanor Estes?

From various descriptions of the book it seems that the village is called Platzenhausen, the villagers are unpleasant, the young witch, Vivian, befriends a young boy named Andrew, and the villagers try to get rid of the witch because she plays tricks on them. I haven't read the book, so I can't guarantee this is the right one, but it certainly sounds like it. From all the descriptions I could find of this book, the young witch is named Vivian, the boy she befriends is Andrew, the village is Platzenhausen, the villagers are known to be unpleasant and supposedly the young witch plays tricks on the villagers and does something to shock them into getting rid of the witch.

None of the descriptions said anything about a talking bear, but it might be worth investigating. The young boy is Andrew Papenhausen, the talking bear is Stanwix, and the young witch is Vivian. Vivian's nose is so cold that when she picks flowers and sniffs them, they instantly wither and die.

But she is NOT gentle and goodshe plays irksome, frightening pranks. Despite her proclivity for cruel tricks, Andy befriends Vivian. The villagers of Platzenhausen are a heartless and hateful lot who had helped each other only once long ago, when they united to combat a witch that had plagued them. That witch was banished when she accidentally caused the death of a child. The mayor forgot his promise, and now the second witch has come because the villagers are unneighborly and the first witch's life is hanging by a thread. Once again, the villagers band together, but they kill the naive and loveable Stanwix, who is gently trying to reason with them.

Since Vivian has caused the death of an innocent soul, she loses her power and must leave. She asks Andy to remember her always, and to remind the villagers as well. Andy grows up, becomes the mayor, and keeps his promise, and the villagers remain kind and cooperative. He watches constantly for the smoke to return to the chimney of the witch's house, but it never does. Out of print, not hard to find, not terribly expensive. The book I originally read was orange and hardback, with line drawings in orange, yellow, black and white. I believe this is the book you are looking for, except it is young Lucinda who finds Felina on her window sill Halloween night - not a boy.

Felina is forced to live the next year with Lucinda's family and then has to decide if she wants to remain a witch or become a real girl. Any chance the witch was also a boy? Pollution is making it hard to breathe, buckles tarnish, and all sorts of unpleasant things are happening. And the witches are thinking of leaving the Earth to live on a cleaner planet! Witchard a young witchling must find a satisfactory solution to the pollution problem. Along the way, he meets some Earthling boys who become his friends and teach him to play touch football. It was a large hardback book, but not precisely a picture book OR a chapter book - it took me awhile to read.

The drawings were black and white line drawings, but with yellow and orange accent colors here and there. The witch was definitely a girl, but there was a boy who befriended her. She came from nowhere, and disappears, too, if I remember correctly. It had a very melancholy feel to it - at least, when I was a kid I thought so! Jack Sendak, The Second Witch. I think this might be the one you're looking for. The book is orange- not a long chapter book but not a picture book either.

There are more descriptions of it on the solved pages. They solved another one for me! Donald Sobol , Secret Agents Four, Sounds a little like Secret Agents Four If it's not that, it might be one of the sequels to Guns in the Heather by Lockhart Amerman. I don't remember the titles, but I think one of them had something about poisoning the water suppply. Donald J. Sobol, Secret Agents Four, I checked out Secret Agents Four, suggested as an answer to my stumper. At first, it really didn't ring any bells--the beginning of the book, introducing the four boys on their summer vacation, just made me think of the Mad Scientists' Club.

When I got to the action sequence at the climax of the book, though, it seemed to come back to me. Ken's explanation to the other guys of what a sleeper--sleeper, not mole, as I remembered, although sleeper makes better sense--agent is was right on target. At the end of this book, only two of the four boys are good in enough shape to race to stop the sleeper from poisoning te reservoir I think that must be the reason I remember there being two boys instead of four. I think it is conclusive that this is another mystery solved! Thanks for your great service!

The Wonder Books Easy Reader edition of this is dark blue, with a picture of the orange-striped cat juggling, with a castle in the background. They have a cat which is their own little secret. They decide to try and sell it to buy a present for their mom, but decide the cat is worth so much, maybe it could be a present.

The Secret Cat. I llustrated by William Russell. Marilyn Sachs, A Secret Friend, Marilyn Sachs, A Secret Friend , Yes, this is exactly the book!!! Thank you to whoever solved this for me!!!!!!! Sachs, Marilyn , A Secret Friend , This is definitely the book that they're looking for as Jessica, the main character, loses her friend Wendy and they have "poison" lockets that have red jello in them.

Marilyn Sachs , A Secret Friend , The author's estate has put the whole book, including illustrations, online here. Don't let the cover and the illustrations throw you though - they are from the reprint. This is a beautifully illustrated story of a young bat, Chiro, who is sent out on his very first solo adventure into the dark night. The poem describes the victorious homecoming of a ship. The Captain responsible for the safe return of his ship and crew has died befor….

This excerpt describes how oceans work: the relationship between the phases of the moon and tides, and the dangers of deadly tidal wave…. This is a letter from President Barack Obama to his daughters, where he poses reflective questions regarding the character of his daugh….

Police Officer Buckle gives safety speeches that no one listens to until a police dog, Gloria, joins him. Because Gloria acts out the s…. War is happening in Spain and the civilians are asked to leave the war zone. At the side of the road, the narrator, presumably a …. With Papa away on a cattle drive, fourteen-year-old Travis is in charge of looking after the family homestead on the Texas plains, mile….

Lorraine Hansberry uses elements of narrative, and persuasive and reflective essays to highlight memorable moments in her life where sh…. In this historical fi…. In summer, the grasshopper runs among the h…. This informational text by Gail Marilyn Singer displays the lives of local people and wildlife on the same day in March, from the Arcti…. A raja decrees that the villagers must give most of the rice they harvest to him. He promises to store it safely and distribute it in t…. This is a story of how changes happen in the world, one person, one family, one community at a time. The story takes place in Ghana, We….

In this speech, Rudolfo Anaya celebrates the purchase of the 1 millionth library volume by the University of New Mexico. He begin…. The main character, Mr. Johnson, embarks upon quite the opposite of an ordinary day. This day he spends as a do-gooder, wandering the s…. This story is a folkt…. This expository nonfiction text is about how an oak tree may become vulnerable to disease from its bark being damaged by a bear clawing….

Before language was written, people from all over the world have recorded their family histories orally. They have used storytell…. They walk together to the drug store a…. This informational text by Seymour Simon discusses the composition and functions of the sun, along with its role in regulating life on …. Josie and her family return to their homeland of Sene….

While out on a so…. When the land surveyor, Gleb Smirnov, arrives in the Gnilushka train station, he hires a peasant to take him to the estate that he must…. A tsunami separates a young hippo from his mother. As he is rescued and taken to a wildlife sanctuary, he develops an interesting and u…. In this literary text by Jane Yolen, a girl and her father go owling for the first time. Along the way they encounter a great horned ow…. The story begins in the s with the ox-cart man and his family loading his cart with goods they produced over the year.

He jou…. Harry used to visit the shop with his friends every day, but his priorities cha…. The family of a Japanese diplomat, Mr. Sugihara, living in Lithuania in , is confronted by Jewish refugees asking for Japanese visa…. On that night, Re…. In this nonfiction selection, an Emperor penguin lays an egg in the bitter cold of Antarctica. The penguin parents battle the harsh env….

This book contains basic facts about penguins including their habitats, their predators, and physical features. It also gives detailed …. Pepita stops speaking Spanish because she is tired of being the neighborhood translator. However, when a disaster nearly occurs, Pepita…. This excerpt from a b…. Lesson guides for Cat!

Prentice Hall Literature, This lesson was created as par….

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Prentice Hall Literature, This lesson was create…. Poppa buys himself some new pants that need hemming. The women of his family are too tired to hem the pants before church the following…. Most kids collect something. Prudy collects everything! Rocks, stamps, foil, worn-out toothbrushes, pretty paper napkins, tufts of hair….

All her life she was curious and determined to make a difference in the…. The young girl takes the dragon to Dragon Island, but returns to the farm with…. Ramona and Beezus, tw…. Babushka saved an injured goose and brought it back to good health. DiAngelo early that morn…. In this play, Red Writing Hood does not like the way her fairy tale ends, so she decides to change the events of her own fairy tale by ….

The main character, Esperanza, desperately wants to eat in the lunchroom at school, with the other boys and girls who do not go home fo…. A mongoose, Rikki-tikki-tavi, comes to live with an English family in their bungalow in colonial India. Two cobras—Nag and Nagain…. A Rattlesnake proclaims that he is king of the road, and he terrorizes villagers and refuses to let them pass on the road. The villager…. This interest consumed the young boy as he collected them in all of his s…. This literary text by Carol Otis Hurst tells the story of her father's life and passion for collecting rocks.

Although people continual…. Richard moves to a new town and has to make new friends and face the challenge of climbing the rope in gym class. He makes a friend in …. Rosie is a Tibetan terrier whose friendly nature makes her a perfect visiting dog. After a lot of training, she brings comfort to peopl…. Ruby wants to fit in …. In this story, a boy has a dog named Rugby with whom he is great friends. One day a puppy named Rosie joins the family. Rugby does not …. The Saguaro Cactus is….

Like his Aleut ancestors, Alex continues the tradition of catching salmon, during their spawning at Kodiak Island in Alaska, to feed fa…. This is an historical fiction text that shares the daily life of one family in Plimoth Plantation. Young Samuel Eaton lives with his fa…. Anna and Caleb Wittin…. He was inspire…. This nonfiction text discusses how a fourth grade class at Union Avenue School worked hard to protect the New Jersey shoreline by plant…. Organized by grade K-6 and topic. Ben goes to the beach and watches a seal being born.

Over the next few seasons, Ben develops a special bond with this seal, a bond that…. The ability to see Earth from space helps scientists to understand both how the planet works and how human activities are affecting the…. The author describes the life of Jean-Francois Champollion. This selection uses text and graphics together as a vehicle to deepen the r…. In the beginning, Wal…. On the first day of seventh grade, Victor and his friend Michael try to hide their insecurities and impress the girls in their class.

This story is an excerpt from a novel. It is about a boy named Marty who wants to save a runaway dog from being abused. He brings the d…. He hopes to become rich …. This poem describes the feelings of a girl whose best friend, Hanna, has moved away. The little girl feels that nothing will be the sam….

Ephram loves to play the violin, and when he discovers that a blind neighbor was once a musician, but stopped playing the piano due to …. During a New Years cele…. Their actions in…. In this story, a family struggles on a prairie farm during a drought. They are forced to make a painful choice when their water soon ru….

This informational text by Franklyn M. Branley gives facts about snow and its formation, as well as the positive and negative effects o…. Two snow leopard cubs learn many lessons about survival from their mother as they prepare for life on their own. This literary text by Jean Craighead George gives a gripping account of the awesome wonder and potential peril of an avalanche. This biography details the life of Wilson Bentley, a self-taught scientist who photographed thousands of individual snowflakes in order…. In this informational text by Jacqueline Briggs Martin, two important truths about snowflakes are revealed.

First, no two are alike and…. This informational text details traits and characteristics that different inventors throughout history have demonstrated and how those …. Organized by grade K-8 and lexile. The informational text includes text features, such as photographs and captions, to give an overview of information about spiders and t…. This informational text by Gail Gibbons gives facts and examples of spiders and what they do to catch insects to eat. To facilitate th…. Includes two texts and one video, thirteen text-dependent questions, including one constructed-response writing prompt, and explanatory….

Thomas and his Grandfather share a small house with, their cat and pet duck. In this literary text by Janell Cannon, a baby bat separated from her mother is raised by a mother bird, on the condition that she acts…. This folktale is about three monks who visit a village filled with unhappy people. The villagers do not welcome the monks, so the three…. Lacey and their daughter, Doris, are stranded at home following a severe winter storm. Doris notices an abandoned pu….

Suki's favorite possession is her blue cotton kimono. A gift from her obachan grandmother , it holds special memories of her grandmoth…. This article describes the out-of-control fires that took place during the summer of It focuses on the unpredictable fires of the…. In the summer of , fires raged out of control in Yellowstone National Park. Though it seemed like total devastation to outsiders, t….

Includes: Primary source text on the right to privacy Text-dependent questions Academic vocabulary list Writing prompt for writin…. A group of fifth grade students interview the first Hispanic American astronaut, Ellen Ochoa. The interview is a question and ans…. This informational selection introduces the reader to artists that express their feelings and experiences through painting murals in th….

In this short story by Langston Hughes, a teenage boy named Roger wants a pair of blue suede shoes. He tries to snatch Mrs. This play is about a group of boys and girls who are summertime campers at the National Sea Base camp in the Florida Keys. Their advent…. The Adventurers of Sojourner presents a third-person narrative account of the Mars Pathfinder mission, which included the deployment of….

This informational text describes how paleontologists continue to investigate unanswered questions about dinosaurs. In the book, The Art Lesson, Tommy wants to be an artist when he gets older. He practices his art all of the time and listens to the ad…. Gloria waits in a checkout line, tossing around the onion her mother had sent her to buy. This historical fiction story takes place in in the midst of the Great Depression in New York City. Baseball was king and Babe Rut…. In this play, the neighborhood baker Manuel bakes delicious smelling pastries and puts them out for sale each morning, but his neighbor….

This literary text by Berta and Elmer Hader recounts how many different animals prepare for winter. The humpback whale is a massive, yet gentle creature - as John Archambault describes in The Birth of a Whale. The book uses lyric…. The story centers on a young Haitian-artist, Annie, and her reverence for her father, whom she believes was a Haitian political prisone…. The Boxcar Children is about four orphaned children living on their own.

They set out to find a safe place to live and overcome challen…. In this book, two sisters, Maisie and Callie, are faced with a challenging situation. Callie gets hurt while their mother is away and M…. Sam and Cam own a detective agency. They are contacted by the Bear family, who is upset because their banana pancakes have been eaten a…. McDougal Littell Literature, T….

In this short story, Jose learns a valuable lesson about himself when he tries to impress Estella by challenging her to a game of racqu…. Panchito, a young migrant worker, lives life with his family on the circuit—a cycle of seasonal crop harvesting. Each move on the…. This informational text by Tomie dePaola explores the types of clouds, the myths about certain shapes, and popular sayings inspired by ….

After Bright Morning's tribe is commanded by the Long Knives the United States soldiers to leave the canyon that is their home, the t…. Country Mouse invites her friend, City Mouse to visit her in the country. City Mouse does not enjoy the country and convinces Country M…. Chester Cricket meets…. The students at Riverside Elementary School are excited about a visit from a real author. The class has been reading books by the autho…. Duncan is an artist who likes to draw and color, and his crayons have issues with the way they are used.

To request access to this lesson, please click "Send Feedback". This story is set in a Tennessee peach orchard on the night before the Civil War battle of Shiloh. A young drummer briefly consid…. Djeow Seow is the sma…. The emperor loves new clothes, so two swindlers claim they can make beautiful clothes that are invisible to anyone stupid or unfit for …. Beverly Cleary tells the story of a family on a rainy Sunday in a household full of bad moods.

Despite his fear, Doug Grillo must cross a terrifying mountain ledge to find his missing brother. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Reading, 2…. This speech, presented as an address in to the mayor of Chicago, William Hale Thompson, sought to reform the stereotypical image o…. This is an excerpt from "Tomb Robbers. He had a great fear of his own death. There once was a poor fisherman and his wife who lived in a pigsty by the seaside. The fisherman goes fishing one day and comes a…. Marisol watches her neighbors excited about making a vacant lot beautiful, so she hunts and hunts and finds her own little patch where ….

Lydia Grade is sent to live with her Uncle Jim while her parents look for work. She happily settles in to her new home where she …. Two female cousins spend their life doing everything together. One night they realize they are both in love with the Moon and wish to m…. It provides an enter…. This lesson includes: Text-dependent questions Printable copies of the text Student discussion activities Vocabulary and syntax t….

In this fantasy by Lynn Cherry, a man is trying to cut down a kapok tree in the Amazon rainforest. After a while of cutting the h…. A man walks into a lush rainforest and starts chopping down a huge kapok tree. Lulled by the heat, he sits down and soon falls asleep. This expository text selection outlines the efforts of the Chinese people to build the Great Wall to protect them from the Mongol invad….

In this nonfiction piece, the author shares what he learned about the way of life of grizzly bears after spending a full year in Alaska…. Gary Soto writes an autobiography about a time when he was eleven years old, wanting to be a gymnast like his cousin. He thinks i…. Tim is a s…. In this tale, a girl …. Before they ever met her, Rory and Derek made a pact not to speak to Bolivia, the new girl in town. After Bolivia orchestrates a …. This realistic fictional story is about Steven and his Aunt Carolyn.

The two have always shared a special bond; each time Aunt Carolyn …. This story is written from the perspective of Wong Ming-Chung, a young Chinese boy who traveled to America to join his uncle during the…. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Journe…. She creates a quilt that is passed on from generation to ge…. In this story, there are six generations of women descended from a woman who emigrated from Russia to America. Throughout the story, ea…. Stockton is about a fairy tale king who edifies his subjects through public trials wi….

In this short story, a boy named Billy Weaver needs to find lodging in Bath, England. He goes to a boardinghouse. The landlady is an od…. A young boy, Peter, is hesitant to spend the summer with his great aunt in Chinatown. Peter finds an aging parade dragon in a store and…. Damon and Pythias are…. Two students hide in the bathroom in order to avoid taking the math test, eventually telling their teacher they were trapped yb a giant….

The Lost City of the Aztecs is about the demise of the Aztec Empire and how Montezuma, the last Aztec emperor, reacted to the arrival o…. This set includes an anchor text and five additional texts from various witnesses offering differing perspectives on Truman informing S…. Even though Lupe Medrano is the top student at her school, she is a failure at sports until she tries her hand at marbles, so she pract…. Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere warned the colonist of an advancing attack by the British army.

Revere rode his horse through the ni…. This informational text by Niki Walker describes the characteristics of the moon and traces the history of man's exploration of Earth's…. This informational text by Gail Gibbons offers information on the moon and its relationship to the Earth and Sun. To facilitate the us…. Ten-day series of sample lessons includes: Text dependent questions Student discussion activities Vocabulary and syntax tasks Wri….

With a clever …. In this illustrated text, the main character, Louis, receives a special tadpole from his uncle. Louis and his classmates observe the ta…. In this speech, Kennedy attempts to persuade the public that America should invest in space exploration in the name of progress an…. This is a story of th….

The Olympic Games have grown and changed since the first contests were held in Ancient Greece. However, one aspect of the games remains…. The text begins with a poor fisherman, Kino, his wife, Juana, their baby Coyotito, and the great pearl. When Coyotito is stung by a sco…. Elizabeth was very de….

This informational, nonfiction text introduces the solar system and its many parts — the sun, the eight planets, the satellites o…. Nicky reluctantly spends the summer in the Wisconsin woods with his grandmother who is an artist. He is not thrilled with all of the ch…. Bill and Sam decide that the best way to finance their upcoming land swindle is to kidnap the child of a wealthy citizen and hold him f…. The cofounder of Microsoft Corporation makes predictions about the future as he chronicles communication innovations from the past and ….

The speaker reflects on the risks and responsibilities of making choices and deciding which road to take. Prentice Hall Timeless Voice…. A young boy, Brian, finds a salamander in the woods and wants to keep it as a pet. This story follows Brian as he uses his perseverance…. The text explores the conflicts between love and pride, and draws attention to the effects of familial and societal expectations and st….

The story…. A third grade girl named Beany creates a science fair project with her partner, Kevin. Beany is not confident that their project is the…. Miguel went with his father and brothers on their annual sheep move in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, but some of the sheep got lost d…. A young boy, who has never seen the sea, asks his mother to describe it.

As the poem progresses, the author uses descriptive words, sim…. This informational text by Kenneth Libbrecht explains how snowflakes grow and why each one has a unique shape. This fantasy takes place on the planet Pern, an imaginary world where dragons help protect the inhabitants from the dangerous Red Star,…. In this literary text by Ezra Jack Keats, a boy wakes up to a snow-covered city and experiences different emotions through the day. This literary text by Mary Howitt tells the well-known story of a spider who tries to lure a fly into his web, promising interesting th….

Julian meets Gloria, a new girl in his neighborhood. Together they make a wish kite, with wishes fastened to its tail; both wish for la…. Pandora, a kindhearted cat, is a lighthouse keeper who lives a solitary life until she meets Seabold, a sailor dog during a bad storm. This is a tale of a compassionate, courageous …. This story uses a mix…. In this literary text by Chris Van Allsburg, a stranger recuperates at the Bailey farm after Farmer Bailey hits him with his truck. This is a Zuni play about an ant in the search to find out who is strongest of all.

The ant talks with numerous characters to find out …. Tasha, a thirteen year old girl has to babysit her little 7 year old brother, Junior, because her mom is getting a job over the summer. Benny is nervous about the upcoming talent show. After a talk with her parents, Beany realizes that the most important thing is doing w….

Amber, her brother, and her parents visit Aunt Phoebe, a traveler, collector and storyteller. Aunt Phoebe shares a cloth with th…. Almost every culture has a traditional tale about character who is granted three wishes. Two are usually used unwisely, and then the th…. She was born in and now it is On the …. This informational text by Gary Paulsen describes the life cycle of a corn seed as it goes from farm to table and nourishes the hands t….

She faces physi…. Wolf travels from house…. The story is presented through the eyes of the authors and goes back and forth between documenting for the reader the events of the mos…. The pilgrims from England traveled across the Atlantic Ocean in hopes of establishing a new colony in North America. The separatists or…. A boy on a family backpacking adventure discovers an amazing waterfall and decides he wants to climb to the top.

The boy becomes a lead…. The narrator of The White Umbrella is a Chinese American girl who struggles with feelings of embarrassment and longing to be like other…. A little girl, Dorothy, and her dog, Toto, are carried to a magical place called the Land of Oz by a cyclone. On her quest to find her …. This informational text by Alice and Martin Provensen describes farm animals and what happens during one year on a farm.

The Yellow Wallpaper is a story told from the perspective of a woman facing the tribulations of mental illness. Charlotte Perkins…. This classic Ray Bradbury Science Fiction story is set in the future after a nuclear Armageddon in which a fully automated house goes t…. This horror story begins when three lighthouse keepers realize that a derelict ship heading for their tiny island is filled with thousa….

This literary text by Shutta Crum tells the tale of a Midwest family seeking relief from a hot summer day. The mother begins to recogni…. This literary text by Patricia Polacco tells the story of how she conquered her childhood fear of thunderstorms with the assistance of …. Rose is a child with …. This informational text by Chana Stiefel discusses thunderstorms and information about the destruction that severe storms can create.

In this article, Mr. Koffi Annan spoke to world leaders on the issue of protecting our environment. He states that since the beginning …. Terrence Cheromcka and Martin Jacobs, two Time For Kids reporters, report on two very different organizations that involve children pla…. With the help of the …. This is a literary text about a little girl named Maria who instead of telling the truth, panics and tries to cover up a problem. In this trickster tale, Bear and Hare are involved in a gardening partnership.

Industrious, clever Hare makes a deal with Bear— H…. This book is a trickster tale about Hare and Bear. Hare is in debt and needs money so he can feed his family. Hare convinces the lazy B…. A timid young boy and a curious elephant face challenges and help each other as they grow into adulthood in a small village near a game…. This literary text by Eve Bunting tells the story of Marianne, an orphan, heading west on the Orphan Train with other children to be pl…. This is the grade 3 version of this lesson for this title. A grade 5 version is also available.

A crew of sailors captained by S…. This is the grade 5 version of this lesson for this title. A grade 3 version is also available. Fourteen year-old Greg Ridley gets into an argument with his father over his bad grades and his father forbids him to play basketball. A boy named Taro help…. In this literary text by Saviour Pirotta and Nilesh Mistry, a young boy and wise man observe many living things of the sea while awaiti….

Two ants, along with others from their nest, set out to gather crystals for their queen. Initially staying and keeping crystals for the…. A scout ant has returned with a beautiful sparkling crystal for his ant queen. She deemed it the most delicious food she has ever…. This literary text by Kirby Larson and Mary Nether tells the story of two animals in New Orleans who were left by their owners during H…. Sonia, her father, and a group of their neighbors launch a peaceful protest to help 5 deer that have wandered into their city neighborh….

This is a story of an American-born Chinese daughter, her immigrant mother and their very different beliefs and hopes. The daughter str…. TJ learns a lot about the culture and lives of …. In this biography, a young couple, William and Ellen Craft, attempt to escape to freedom from slavery in Georgia.

They disguise Ellen a…. Despite obstacles in his life such as a family illness and the Great Depression, Uncle Jed achieved his dream of opening a barbershop a…. This beautifully illustrated book is about a python who deals with issues of accepting himself. This module is comprised of fifteen minute lessons and addresses U. History content standards relating to the Civil Rights Movem…. In this passage about volcanoes, science writer Seymour Simon explains the characteristics of the different types of volcanoes, and how….

Volcanoes show us how the earth changes. Volcanoes can be made of lava, gases, hot steam, ground-up rocks and melted rock called lava. The script is written as a fictional tr…. This literary text by Jeanette Winter tells a true life story of Wangari Maathai, who decided to make a big difference in her hometown …. Keller finally grasps the idea that a …. This module consists of three units.

In Unit 1, students build background knowledge about the central role that water plays in all life…. In this biography, Amy VanDyken overcomes many challenges throughout her life to become an Olympic gold medalist. Houghton Mifflin Har…. This informational text by Emily Neye contrasts the homes, clothing, food, and activities from different types of places.

Roberto Clemente grew up in Puerto Rico where he discovered a love and passion for baseball, and became a famous Hall of Fame baseball …. This lesson consists of four short works by Albert Einstein. The works regard pre- and post-war topics. Holt Elements of Literature, 2…. This book introduces and explains weather terms and concepts. To facilitate the use of these resources, Student Achievement Partners h…. The entire Tex family is involved in the hard work of basket making, preserving a tribal tradition. They gather materials from various …. In this picture book, the main character, a mouse named Wemberly, constantly worries about big and small things.

Her largest worry is a…. This informational article is about how TV advertisers intend to persuade viewers to buy products through television advertising. To achieve his goal, the boy barters with characters ranging from a carpet make….

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A sixth grade boy lives with his mother. The mother maintains their livelihood with a blue collar job. In the story, William wants to f…. This narrative nonfiction story sequences the steps an illustrator follows when creating pictures for a story. The author tells the sto…. Frederick Douglass, a freed slave, is asked to give a speech to a group of Americans on the 4th of July. Douglass uses the occasion to …. Modern inventions used to make lives easier harm the planet.

There are several predictions about how towns of the future will be …. In this biography, Es…. Schlemiel is a lazy peasant from the town of Chelm with dreams of travelling. Taking a trip to Warsaw, he is tricked into retracing his…. This literary text by Audrey Wood retells a German story about birth and rebirth, as Mother Earth sends the Root Children out into the …. This nonfiction narrative is an account of two battles of the Revolutionary War, Trenton and Princeton.

American soldiers faced many di…. This engaging, informational text explains to students where they live. Starting in their bedrooms, children are able to travel outside…. To quell his fear, he thinks about home, his ch…. Michael Bandy, the author, writes about the personal experience when he was a child during the segregation era. While in town with his …. Brian Aldiss describes a futuristic world in which machines are capable of thinking based on the tasks they have been designed to perfo….

In this nonfiction article, the author addresses the problems associated with urban sprawl. Urban sprawl destroys animal and plant habi…. Have you ever bought a cold drink at a lemonade stand? Or have you baked cookies for a school bake sale? If so, you're a consumer and a…. Diane Ackerman describes fall foliage and explains the natural processes that cause the leaves of deciduous trees to turn each year.

The wind and water are personified as two women talking about their children. Wind brags about her children, which annoys Mrs. A wildlife photographer describes her love for animals and how she took some of her favorite up-close photos of them. Houghton Mifflin…. This informational text by Seymour Simon describes extreme weather, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, floods, and blizzards…. Wildfires can cause damage but also play a critical role in the renewal of forests and grasslands.

Through the example of the Yell…. In the story Wings, I…. The king wants to fly….

The Adventures of Freddy Church Mouse and his Knights of the Round Table - Book 6 The Adventures of Freddy Church Mouse and his Knights of the Round Table - Book 6
The Adventures of Freddy Church Mouse and his Knights of the Round Table - Book 6 The Adventures of Freddy Church Mouse and his Knights of the Round Table - Book 6
The Adventures of Freddy Church Mouse and his Knights of the Round Table - Book 6 The Adventures of Freddy Church Mouse and his Knights of the Round Table - Book 6
The Adventures of Freddy Church Mouse and his Knights of the Round Table - Book 6 The Adventures of Freddy Church Mouse and his Knights of the Round Table - Book 6
The Adventures of Freddy Church Mouse and his Knights of the Round Table - Book 6 The Adventures of Freddy Church Mouse and his Knights of the Round Table - Book 6
The Adventures of Freddy Church Mouse and his Knights of the Round Table - Book 6 The Adventures of Freddy Church Mouse and his Knights of the Round Table - Book 6
The Adventures of Freddy Church Mouse and his Knights of the Round Table - Book 6 The Adventures of Freddy Church Mouse and his Knights of the Round Table - Book 6
The Adventures of Freddy Church Mouse and his Knights of the Round Table - Book 6 The Adventures of Freddy Church Mouse and his Knights of the Round Table - Book 6
The Adventures of Freddy Church Mouse and his Knights of the Round Table - Book 6

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