The Unlikely Allies (House of Winslow Book #36)

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Could you trust someone who is supposed to be your enemy? Would your mission be the same? The author Gilbert Morris answers these questions and more in his novel Unlikely Allies. Synopsis: Mallory is excited for the next part of her life to begin. She has grown up as a missionary kid. Her choice of career is to a missionary to the Lapps in Norway. She is conflicted about whether s Could you trust someone who is supposed to be your enemy? She is conflicted about whether she should participate in the resistance or not? Miles away in Germany another SS officer is having second thoughts.

Derek Gruber wants nothing to do with this war but to persue literature and writing, and a chance to be with his first love Rachel. Derek gets news that absolutely devastates him which leads him down a grim path. What will happen for both Derek and Mallory as the war progresses? My Thoughts: I am down to my last three House of Winslow novels.

I really liked Unlikely Allies. I wondered how the author would end up bringing these two characters Mallory and Derek together. Something that came up as I read this novel is who the real historical characters are. The author is known for putting in at least one. So who are they in this novel? The answer is the Lapps are the truly historic part of the novel. I have no doubt that some of the SS military mentioned are as well. I thought the plot is unconventional with bringing a Nazi changing side.

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I thought it was interesting the way the Lapp people. What I enjoy most in the historical novels is reading about the resistance and their role in fighting the Nazis like in this novel or the Japanese in others. This novel is very enjoyable! Nov 17, Hayden rated it did not like it Shelves: christian-fiction , historical-fiction.

This one was actually a reread- I went through a Gilbert Morris phase five or six years ago, when one of our old libraries had pretty much every book he'd ever written. While even back then- when my standards weren't quite as high -there were still things about his books that bothered me, there were several of his many books that I remembered enjoying. When I saw this one at our current library, I remembered that I thought it was one of his better ones, so I picked it up.

I read the first few cha This one was actually a reread- I went through a Gilbert Morris phase five or six years ago, when one of our old libraries had pretty much every book he'd ever written. I read the first few chapters, then started skimming It was just not very well-written at all It felt like the whole book was like, "Such-and-such did this. So-and-so did that. Unfinished cathedral by Thomas Sigismund Stribling - - pages. Cross - - pages. Unfinished Desires by Gail Godwin - - pages. Unguarded Edge by Hadley Hoover - - pages. Unhallowed Ground by Daniel Mills - Unholy Covenant by Keith Fauscett - - pages.

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Then suddenly the lion coughed deep in its chest, turned, and ambled back toward the carcass of the wildebeest. With his head he signaled a silent retreat. Mallory followed him for nearly half a mile. Finally Ubo stopped, planted the butt of his broad-headed spear in the ground, and turned to the young woman. Masai warriors had been known throughout their history as absolutely fearless.

The Unlikely Allies (House of Winslow, book 36) by Gilbert Morris

Visitors to the Masai country were always impressed by their intelligence and beauty. Ubo stood several inches over six feet and was as lean as a panther. He wore a single garment, a red tunic with one strap over his right shoulder. His inky black hair had been dyed with ocher and lay in tiny rows arranged neatly on his head.

Around his forehead was a string of beads, red and white and blue, meticulously made by his sweetheart. His earlobes had been elongated and decorated with tiny beads, and a chain of the same material hung around his neck. He had coated his legs with ocher mixed with fat and, while it was still wet, had drawn intricate patterns. Mallory smiled, looking up into his deep brown eyes. I am never afraid. Not with my friend Ubo to protect me. Ubo took in the young woman who stood before him. As always, he marveled at her, for she was not like other women. He had known her since she was a child.

Mallory Anne Winslow had jet-black hair and dark violet eyes, a color Ubo had never seen in anyone else.

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She had an olive complexion, oval face, and a wide mouth. She was very tall for a woman, a trait she had inherited from her father, John Winslow. Her violet eyes and black hair came from her mother, Jeanine. She was now twenty-two years old, and Ubo remembered the time she had talked him into letting her accompany the warriors of his tribe on a lion hunt.

No woman was ever permitted, and even now Ubo could not understand how she had finally gotten him to agree to it. He smiled a gentle, thoughtful smile and shook his head. How is it, daughter, that you can get me to do anything you like? Ubo laughed deep in his chest.

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I remember when you were a little girl, all skinny and thin, but you thought you were too tall. Mallory smiled at the memory. I was ashamed to be so tall. I thought a woman should be small. A woman should be as God has made her. As the two made their way back toward the compound, Mallory surveyed the African landscape. This was all she had ever known, except for one visit to the United States when she was fourteen.

This was her world—the twisted trees, the vistas of space, the herds of animals that shook the hard-packed earth like thunder as they raced across it. She had learned all the names of the beasts, the birds, and the vegetation from the tall Masai who walked beside her, adjusting his steps to hers. Mallory had tried before to explain snow and ice to Ubo, yet she herself had only seen pictures. Her one visit to the States had taken place in the summer.

There were no adequate words in the Masai language to convey cold. There were many words for heat, but cold was a foreign concept—at least the kind of cold that freezes water. She was good at languages and had picked up Masai simply by spending time with the Masai people. I do not understand this cold land you speak of, Ubo said. Are there any lions there? They live in the very coldest part of the country, and they keep cattle for their livelihood. The Lapps keep herds of them, and they eat them and use their hides to make their clothing and tents. As the compound came into view, a wave of sadness washed over Mallory at the realization that she would be unlikely to see this dear friend of hers for many years.

Not while the rivers flow! You go to tell people about Jesus. I will pray for you—and you must pray for Ubo and for your Masai family. I will every day, Ubo. When he removed his hand, she simply whispered, Good-bye, then turned and walked away. Ubo watched her go, knowing that he was losing something precious out of his life.

He had learned to love this young woman, and it had been Mallory Winslow who had led him to worship Jesus—something that the other missionaries had failed to do. As she disappeared inside the walls of the mission compound, he walked away, his shoulders bowed with grief. Paul approached her with a sober look on his square face. He was not a tall man and was stocky and muscular.

He was an Afrikaner, a man of twenty-five whose fair skin was sunburned, as usual. He put out his hand to greet her, and when she took it, he enclosed both of hers. Where have you been? Oh, I just wanted to take one more look around before I left. Joubert released her hand and stood quietly watching her. I need to talk to you. Where can we go? Mallory faced him and noted, not for the first time, that he was about an inch shorter than she was.

When it came to young men, it had always been that way. Those she had liked had been short and stocky, but this was not what troubled her most at the moment. She was about to hurt Paul, and she dreaded it, for she had become very fond of him.

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Paul came from a wealthy family of mine owners, and he had met Mallory in college. He was a good Christian man, but Mallory sensed that he was far more attached to worldly things than she was. This would be natural, since his family had great possessions; nonetheless, it disturbed her. We must marry, he insisted. You know how much I love you, Mallory. With that he swept Mallory into his arms and kissed her. She did not resist, yet he sensed that her heart did not return his ardor. Releasing her, he stepped back and his lips grew thin.

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I thought we had an understanding. I made a mistake, Paul. Your life is here. The mines are doing very well. Why, Mallory, we could send and support five missionaries to Norway, if you like. Mallory suddenly felt tempted.

The Unlikely Allies (House of Winslow Book #36) The Unlikely Allies (House of Winslow Book #36)
The Unlikely Allies (House of Winslow Book #36) The Unlikely Allies (House of Winslow Book #36)
The Unlikely Allies (House of Winslow Book #36) The Unlikely Allies (House of Winslow Book #36)
The Unlikely Allies (House of Winslow Book #36) The Unlikely Allies (House of Winslow Book #36)
The Unlikely Allies (House of Winslow Book #36) The Unlikely Allies (House of Winslow Book #36)

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