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Sheena, a bridal store clerk, has had a bad history in her choice of men. She is trying to decide whether to meet or stand up her blind date for the evening. An incident results in Jake needing to pay that money back immediately or probably be caught in his illegal actions. He has to decide if he will go to the one person he knows could help, but who he has long put out of his life out of moral judgment. Brian, a pest control technician, is having a sad day as a few incidents bring Written by Huggo. I've just read a few of the comments on this film, and I can't believe how much people hated it.

I adored it. I admit that I was bored at first, but then I suddenly found myself deep in it, and enthralled by the characters. I think that's why people didn't like it. If you're looking for a chronological narrative with closure, this isn't for you.


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But if you're looking for an in-depth and personal look into people's lives, and how lonely, confused, and scared they can be, this is it. Sarah Polley is incredible as always. She's been one of my favorites for years. And Catherine O'Hara made me remember how much I adore her. She's absolutely wonderful.

I could go on Stephen Rea, Joe Pantoliano, everyone here has a chance to shine, and they do. They show you how people can hurt. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Several innocent bystanders are injured or killed when two robbers, fleeing from the police, run into the neighborhood cafe. Director: Jerry Ciccoritti. Writer: Semi Chellas. Watch Now With Prime Video. What Is Cobie Smulders Watching?

Sarah Polley Movies. Movies to watch but not download. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This. That locker room could be the only place a child might ever hear ebullient praise, or constructive criticism.

At that moment I regretted that I did not join a group activity in my formative years. I guess I went in to most of my relationships hungry. Hungry for attention, acknowledgement. Hungry love is not love, and it took me a long time to realise that. For years after she died, I felt angry, but it took even longer to realise that my sweet mother was just as abusive as my narcissistic father — making me her little confidante and complaining about Dad to me.

I can see myself in both of your posts. I see now how mom did not deal with anything and left it to us kids put it on us. This is my first time I comment but I have been reading your blog for these past two years and have loved every post. I have been single and been busy beating myself up about my past failed relationships. Then I got pregnant for a guy who is a jerk even after our son turned five months old. I only contacted him because I want my son to grow up to know him but he has not been interested.

So I feel its time I cut my losses. This post reminds me that he has always been this way even way before I came along. Wonderful post, yet again. This topic bumps me up. I begin to wonder — once an Mr U. I guess I will have to wait and see, stay diligent, but I also want to just let go and breathe for once and not worry if my man will turn into the next epic assclown…. And for some reason, you have bought into this. Relative to the original post — this man had a life before you — a dysfunctional one. Why are you in a relationship were your primary role is that of to be different from all the others that came before you?

Has he had therapy? Has he identified childhood patterns for himself and worked to change those? Has he spent significant time alone not having sex with anyone or being in a relationship? My experience has been that such types of men tend to choose and. But once they get their supply, they either 1 leave or 2 blame you in some way for not being what they need or 3 continue to move goalposts, as Natalie calls it, continually flipping the script on what the relationship is about, which is not love, care, trust, respect.

Been there, done that. Best wishes. Thank you for your reply, JC.

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In that sense, it becomes a much larger question — can people heal and grow, or are they forever damaged goods and to be judged by their past? However, given that he is not Mr.

See a Problem?

Unavailable with me, but quite the contrary, what should I do? Two months into our relationship he started therapy, and has been in therapy since. He was diagnosed with PTSD from childhood sexual abuse, which, turns out, was the root cause for much of his damaged relationship style. Plus, heck if someone judged me for my past like that. I believe she is advocating for the fact that, when someone treats us badly, we should be mindful of the fact that we did not turn them into bad people, they were that way long before us.

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  5. For ME, I personally have not seen or experienced the type of situation you describe above work out well down the line. And why, you may ask? Plus, there is no end, really. That part of it is good. So MANY men cannot be alone, especially when they have emotional work to do. I personally find that a cause for concern, experientially and observationally.

    Uhhhh — yes he is. For now. Rather, you seem to be a very kind, thoughtful and compassionate person, in word and deed. I can tell that from the way you responded to my thoughts. To which, I say be very careful. My last relationship very similar to yours, and right around that timeframe 1. He DID grow and change and the sometimes emotionally volatile aspects of our relationship DID get better, as he opened up and so did I.

    See, men can have a very difficult time being vulnerable over time — it freaks them out to be weak. Once they get stronger emotionally, they often want to distance themselves from their former, weak emotional selves. What does that sound like? Yes, an EUM. Trust me on this one. Oh my, thank you for taking the time for such a thorough, thoughtful response, JC. I think I am not so much defending my relationship as I am a compassionate growth mindset toward people and the relationships I am in. The reality is much more complicated than that.

    In hindsight, I had to swing to that side of the pendulum to find a healthy middle ground. I mean, when do we ever, right? But in this situation, the likelihood of him flipping and flopping as he regains his balance is high.

    They Had A Life Before You. Acknowledge The Backstory. - Baggage Reclaim with Natalie Lue

    But then again, what do I do? Say, I have a feeling some day you will do this and that and leave, and dump him prophylactically? Again, what would I say if someone did that to me? I greatly enjoyed your back and forth. It shows how supportive and active you each are in being accountable and honest. I do believe we can be supportive and not be codependent but I believe it takes rigorous honesty and choice by choice, moment by moment, adjustments. I had one long term relationship which contained a lot of therapy and healing for both of us.

    We had each been sexually abused and had trust issues. I grew so much in that relationship and though it ended because I eventually outgrew him, I will always be grateful we stood beside each other for that stretch of the journey. He greatly healed many of my trust issues and I greatly healed many of his sexual dysfunctions. Yeah, see? Remember— this was a stranger to you before the relationship started and, relative to the original post — he had a dysfunctional emotional life before you. Is that what your mum modeled for you? Thank you for chiming in, LauraG! How so?

    Because I have compassion it is automatically excessive and happening at my expense? You seem to have a lot of insight into the nature of his dysfunctional relationships before me, as well as the amount of time he has spent on his own. I apologize for not mentioning your book recommendation, you seem miffed by that.

    Believe me, I understand, it comes back to the pendulum I was speaking about before. You all are naive! This will never happen to me again because of all the thing I know! I will now tell you all about you, your partner, and your relationship to convince myself I got this down!

    The reality, sadly, thankfully, is much more complicated than that. Not more not, less, and definitely not a dissection of my relationship as it stands. Oh, brother — so much anger and projection coming from JC. I feel sad about my choice to detach, relative to withdrawing my offer to think more deeply about the questions and issues raised over the weekend, given the discussion strayed too far from the guidelines.

    If someone else was thinking about commenting and in a vulnerable place, they might feel rather intimidated. It was the 3rd time this year and with you guys makes 4th. What you are both experiencing is a reminder about boundaries —emotional and mental ones specifically. Thank you for jumping in, Natalie. From my experience this truly is a supportive, kind, and self-moderating community, and I have never felt like vulnerability, openness, and a willingness to learn was in any way misplaced.

    Life Before and After Smartphones: 10 Funny Situations - DIY Life-Hacks and More

    Shame on me…. I apologize to you, fellow readers, and JC for engaging in a dialogue that became uncomfortable to some. JC, I do not assume the worst about you and I truly do believe you have good intentions — not for a second did I feel like your comments where purposefully malicious. I apologize for crossing the line in any which way. In this situation, there was a clear issue and it is difficult when we feel that we are misheard, misunderstood, or even misrepresented and that can tap into our defences, even though it may not be the intention of the other party to make us feel that way.

    This really hit home. Narcboy had been a serial cheater for years before he pursued me. Sadly many folk in our circle did know and chose to stay silent. Nat, speaking of fathers, your comment about yours really opened my eyes. I need to remember that my dads past included alcoholism and sexual abuse as a child.

    Too many unresolved issues. I just found your site today. In a moment of sadness and desperation. I was searching the web for help with the fact that I have these people in my life that I am exhausting myself mind, body, and soul to please. They seem to love me as long as I managed to meet every demand. However if I miss the mark in any way I am shunned and degraded. I walk on eggshells all day long. All good things. Dig deep and stop. Go No Contact.. I have told my story on here, in short, always trying to be perfect.

    I had my ephinany moment in January. I am not tired anymore, or anxious, depressed or sad. I might or might not date again. Who knows?

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    The point is, I stepped back and decided my pattern was hurting me. I stopped trying to be the exception! Read these posts.. Everyone is rooting for you. Keep posting Trisha. As a side note, last week my Ex sent me a long, pleading Google message after 7 months NC, and I deleted it in a blip of a second.

    I also blocked him on that, too. All done within about 30 seconds. A year ago I would have broken my arms to respond.. Kat thank you so much. When I read your post I felt hope. I actually know who I am and what I want. I hope that someday I help someone as much as you and Natalie have helped me today. In my family there is this stigma attached to seeking therapy. I sought professional help and it helped immensely. But that was then, and this is now. I worked through it and while it hurt, I can say to anyone now who messes with me:.

    And I want to add.. I went to therapy anyway. Never forget that. I sure got a lot out of this post. Especially when you asked us to ask ourselves why we are taking on all of this? But the truly painful part was to see how I had chosen an unavailable man just like my father, a charming fast-forwarder just like my father, a lying betrayer just like my father, and a winsome heartbreak just like my father. As I was reading your blog I felt almost viscerally how very much the little girl I was wanted her daddy to be like he was when he was nice, that one time he bought ice-cream, that time he bounced me on his knee.

    Where was that daddy? Slowly, painfully, I actually built a relationship with the man as he was. We even went to counseling together when I stood up to him about a sexual incident when I was I got to see what forces shaped him and how lonely and scared he actually was most of the time.

    My compassion became a small but important piece of solid ground on which to build a tricky but worthwhile peace.

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    What has been hard to face since the denouement of my N relationship is that my inner cast of characters still features my father. I may have a fairly healthy relationship with the actual man but the virtual father between my ears is still in need of acceptance and healing. As I read I realized how hard I have been working to wrestle love from the thicket.

    I have picked impossible men, unfixable, heart-breakingly lonely, often cruel men. And its all been because of a long-ago decision a little heart-broken girl made: if I can fix him he will love me again. It is so hard to accept this little girl and how much chaos and unhappiness her decision has caused my adult self. I am kind of lonely right now but your column keeps reminding me to keep on walking forward, one step, one new choice, one brave new thought, at a time. Thanks Nat.

    15 Examples of How Different Life Was Before The Internet

    I had a lot more I wanted to write, but, in that moment, I quite suddenly felt at peace. Great post. Reading this site for a few months gave me the courage to move out. Been in counseling since.

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    Then put an X by all the ones that were because of me. The put an 0 by the ones he did to others ex-wives, son, friends, parents, etc. It was an extraordinary feeling! It was in front of me in black and white. This exercise helped my healing. I pull out that sheet whenever I waver. Hey, Marie — thank you for posting that exercise! All the best! I am looking into the future and am certain that I will not possibly meet another man again. I wonder if part of the problem is in calling our parents Mum and Dad instead of by their names.

    And then, we grow up — but only in body. So we felt that we were responsible for how Mummy and Daddy felt. And so forth… Am I making any sense? We learn rather early to meet the emotional needs of others and push down our own.

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