Start-up: 5-String Banjo (Start Up)

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But if you feel that the strings are too high or too low, this can be adjusted, but very important to know what to look for and is better to be done by a skilled luthier. To make sure, have a professional tuned. Most banjos are usually tuned to G , but this does vary depending on the banjo. Every banjo you purchase from us will be set up for maximum performance and tone, and to your specifications.

Getting Your First Banjo Sometimes the most challenging part of learning the banjo is finding the right one to start out with.

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Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:. Tell Us Where You Are:. Preview Your Review. Thank you. Your review has been submitted and will appear here shortly. Recently Viewed. They also have the plunkiest, most "old-timey" sound, if you're especially interested in "roots music.

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The next example is a wooden-pot banjo with a resonator bolted on. A resonator does increase volume, because it reflects the sound from the back of the head instead of it all going into your stomach. But the main reason so many low-end banjos have resonators is that first-time buyers think the banjo looks naked without them.

That said, if you want a backless banjo and can't find one you can afford consider getting something like this and "losing" the resonator permanently. This is one of several playable Five String banjos in this configuration. A good number of used, playable banjos from the '50s and '60s also fall into this category.

But the vast majority of unplayable junk Five-String import banjos fall are made this way as well.

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You'll never see these without a resonator, because that's the only thing that keeps them from being a deadly medieval weapon. This example is a Dean BW3. You seldom see really bad banjos with this construction, but you also seldom see really good banjos with this construction. Note : Many "pop-top" banjos claim to have a tone ring, a name usually given to a big brass piece added to a wood pot banjo.

They are louder and brighter than wooden-pot banjos without tone rings, but I still thank that's false advertising. The next example shows Deering's successful attempt to crush the higher-end pop-top banjos - the Deering Boston. Like the pop-top banjos, it has a metal pot, but the flange that holds the resonator on is a separate piece, and the rest of the banjo is all Deering.

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If you need professional tone and features in a Bluegrass banjo, and can't afford a Maple Blossom, this will fit the bill. The next example is included only because the transparent head of the thing allows you to see a feature that is usually invisible - a real tone ring. This particular banjo is a relatively new import that's getting mixed reviews from banjo players, so I won't necessarily recommend it at this time.

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But the photo sort of shows the big brass ring that is sitting between the drum head and the wooden pot. These add volume, sustain, and weight. It also shows a one-piece resonator flange, which bolts to the pot and holds the resonator on. This is sometimes erroneously called a "tone ring" by makers of cheap banjos.

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And it does add a little more volume and sustain than the little brackets that hold the resonator onto the cheapest resonator banjo. But it's not a tone ring by any worthwhile definition. Our final example is example shows a top-of-the line with pretty much every feature you could ever want - the Deering Golden Wreath.

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It is the loudest, best-playing, heaviest, and most expensive banjo on this page. Wood pot, real tone ring trust me , dual coordinator rods, resonator, resonator flange, all top-of-the line materials and quality control - it's the "perfect storm" of banjos.

Start-up: 5-String Banjo (Start Up) Start-up: 5-String Banjo (Start Up)
Start-up: 5-String Banjo (Start Up) Start-up: 5-String Banjo (Start Up)
Start-up: 5-String Banjo (Start Up) Start-up: 5-String Banjo (Start Up)
Start-up: 5-String Banjo (Start Up) Start-up: 5-String Banjo (Start Up)
Start-up: 5-String Banjo (Start Up) Start-up: 5-String Banjo (Start Up)
Start-up: 5-String Banjo (Start Up) Start-up: 5-String Banjo (Start Up)
Start-up: 5-String Banjo (Start Up) Start-up: 5-String Banjo (Start Up)

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