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Archaeologist and novelist

On Friday at seven o'clock at night and at midnight. Solomon Notice. Here you once more strike the ends of the Blasting Rod into the fire, and read again the Grand Conjuration of the Clavicle, until the spirit submits himself to your desires. Response and Agreement of the Spirit. Do not strike me more. I promise to thee that I will do all that thou will want, two hours a night, each day of the week. Namely: On Monday at ten o'clock at night and at midnight.

On Tuesday at eleven o'clock at night and at one o'clock in the morning. On T hursday at eight o'clock at night and at eleven o'clock. On Friday at nine o'clock at night and at midnight. I submit myself to appear before thee whenever I will be called, when, having purified thyself and. I promise If thou fail in this, then thy soul will be mine forever. Lucifuge Rofocale Ratified.

Arbitrator of all fortunes, all. No explanation of Lucifer's preference for this language is given. Sixth Charge. I leave you in peace to go back to yo wherever you so will, to return to me my call. In the name of the Father, th Ghost. The others m. I leave you in peace to go back to your natural abode or wherever you so will, to return to me immediately upon my call. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Command of the Spirit. Follow me and come discover the treasure. Then the Karcist, armed with the Blasting Rod and the stone Ematille, will leave the circle in the direction in which the treasure is.

The others must absolutely not. The spirit will then. The Karcist must also be equipped with a piece of virgin parchment, on which is written the great conjuration of the Clavicle, which he must throw onto the treasure, taking at the same time a piece of it as. Prince Lucifer, I am satisfied with you for the present; I leave you in peace and allow you to withdraw to wherever befits you, without you making any noise or leaving any foul smell.

Also consider our agreement,. Now, 0 Almighty God, that we have known all the force of thy great promises, when thou hast said unto us Seek and ye shall find, knock and it will open to you; and as thou hast commanded and recommended us to give relief to the poor, we promise to thee, in the presence of the great Adonay, Elohim, Ariel and Jehovam,. Second Book. With the names, powers and talents of all the great higher Spirits, likewise the manner of making them appear by the force of the great Conjurations of the chapter of Pacts from the grand Clavicle, which forces them to obey in any operation that one desires.

What follows is the great magic art, with the. Enhanced by several Mages. The true Sanctum Regnum of the Grand Clavicle, otherwise known as the Pacta Conventa Dcemoniorum, which has been spoken of much before, needs to be explained here for the information of those who wish to coerce the spirits, but do not have the necessary ability to compose the Blasting Rod and the Kabalistic circle discussed in the preceding book.

They will never, I declare, be able even to 46 hope to force a spirit to appear, if they do not carry out. Cabinets of the world; whether for the uncovering of the most impenetrable mysteries; or whether to make a. It is by way of the Clavicle of the great King Solomon, "that one has discovered the true way to make pacts that can be used to acquire so much wealth,. Here follows the names and signs of the principal infernal spirits. After you have noted the names of the eighteen spirits, which are inferior to the six major spirits that I have also described, you should also be aware of the following.

That is: Lucijuge rules over the first three, who are named Bael, Agares, and Marbas. Satanachia, over Pruslas, Aamon, and Barbatos. Agaliarept over Buer, Gusoym, and Botis. Fleurety over Bathim, Hursan, and Eligtor.

Individual Offers

Sargatanas over Loray, Valefar, and Foraii. He has under him Bael, Agares and Marbos, and several thousand other demons or spirits, all of whom are subordinate to him. The second is the mighty Satanachia, great General; who has the power to make all women and girls submit to him, and to do with them as he pleases.

He commands a huge legion of Spirits: he has under him Pruslas, Aamon and Barbatos, etc. Agaliarept, also a General, has the power to discover the most well-kept secrets, in all the courts and. He has under him. Glasialabolas, etc. He commands the second legion of Spirits; he has under him Guer, Gusoyn and Botis, etc, etc. Fleurety, Lieutenant-General, has the power to perform any task that is required during the night, he can also make hailstones fall where he wants.

He commands a very considerable body of Spirits, and has under him Bathim, Hursan and Eligor, etc. He has under him Ayperos, Nuberus, and Glasialabolas, etc. The rod should be similar to the Blasting Rod that has already. This being done you must equip yourself with the stone called Ematille and two candles that have been blessed, and you then choose a place for the undertaking where nobody will disturb you.

This being done, you will trace a. Pact with him. I also ask of you, protect me in my undertaking. If no. I :ou. Drawn From the Grand Clavicle. I also ask of you, Prince Belzebuth, that you protect me in my undertaking. Lucifuge I ask you to leave 60 your dwelling-place, wherever in the world that it may be, to come to speak to me. Thus appear at once, or I shall continuously torment you by the force of these powerful words of the Clavicle: Aglon, Tetagram, lilycheon,.

Stimulamathon, Erohares, Retragsammathon, Clyoran,! I seek to make a pact with you, so that you will enrich me as quickly as possible, failing which I will torment you with the powerful words of the Clavicle. Then, to force the spirit to obey yu Great Conjuration with the terri until the Spirit reappears and. Lucifuge Rofocale At this throw you to him your Pact,.

I promise to recompense the great Lucijuge in twenty years for all the treasures that he will give to me. In witness whereof I sign myself. Then, to force the spirit to obey you, you will read again the Great Conjuration with the terrible words of the Clavicle, until the Spirit reappears and says to you as follows:. If you leave me in peace, I will give to you the very next treasure, provided that you commit to me one coin on the first Monday of each month, and that you will only call me. Collect your pact, I have signed it. But if you do not keep your word, in twenty years.

Take with you as much as you can, and walking backwards, return to your place within the triangle. T hen you place the treasure in front of you, and immediately start to read the Discharge of the Spirit, such as it is given hereafter. And Discharge of the Spirit with which one has made a Pact. I am satisfied with you for the present, I leave you in peace and allow you to withdraw to wher-.

Rebellious Spirits, so I will be able will fulfill all my needs. I thank yo the good with which you have fille. It is no""-.

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OJ Thanksgiving to the Almighty. Oh God Almighty, Heavenly Father, who has created all things for the service and the utility of man, I give humble thanksgiving to you, that in your great kindness, you have allowed me to make a pact, without risk, with one of your Rebellious Spirits, so I will be able to subdue it so that it will fulfill all my needs. I thank you, 0 God Almighty, for the good with which you have filled me during this night.



It is now, 0 God Almighty, that. I have come to know all the force and the power of your great promises, for when you said to us "seek and you shall find," "knock and it will open unto you;" and as you or-. Let it be, 0 God Almighty, that I may enjoy in peace this great wealth of which I am the owner: and do. Also inspire within me, 0 God Almighty, the sentiments necessary to be able to release myself from the claws of the Devil and of.

Per virtutem. Let the world be in the first naming, and thereafter the spirits will be more obedient; make a circle, and call the spirit with great vehemence, first hold a ring in hand: then recite this blessing in your name and that of your partner, if one is present, and you should choose by lot the effect of your plan, nor will you experience harm from the spirits, that is, the destruction of your soul. The Magic Secret.

It is absolutely necessary to attend the Christmas mass, at. Andrew's Cross, and throw these forthwith at the first church or synagogue that strikes your eyes. The reader must be mindful that shot the prerequisites described here be o he will make himself the prey of a:: See the figures hereafter. The reader must be mindful that should the least requirement of the prerequisites described here be omitted, he runs the risk that he will make himself the prey of all the powers of the hell.

See the figures hereafter. To make and use the At the moment that the sun apoe take in your left hand a virgin and cut it with three blows; saying:. Before you go to sleep, recite thi which you should take a copy, ment over which you have had a aid, and place it under your pillo the apposite Planetary Intelligen the hour that you must obtain yo Prayer.

Domine Jesu Christi, qui dixisu Secrets of the Magic Art. To make and use the Divining Rod. At the moment that the sun appears on the horizon, you take in your left hand a virgin branch of wild hazel tree, and cut it with three blows; saying: I gather thee up, in the. To make it turn, it is necessary to hold the two ends which make a fork tightly in your hands, and say: I Command thee in the name of.

To win any time that one plays the lottery. During your sleep the apposite Planetary Intelligence will come and tell you the hour that you must obtain your ticket. Domine Jesu Christi, qui dixisti ego sum via, veritas et vita ecce enim veritatem dilexisti incerta et occulta sapienti::e. Dismas et gestas damnatur Potestas. Dismas et gestas damnatur Ad astra levatur. To see whether it is cooked enough, you dip a nail into it, and if the solution adheres, remove it. It will produce a pound and a half of good gold. While gathering some of the "H 'Friend: I collect you in the nar. To Render Thu--se.

To speak with Spirits on the Eve of St. John the Baptist's d ay. Between the hours of eleven at night and midnight go and. Onion," a form of wild onion or 6 de la Sainte- Victoire. I think not. On the eve of St. Then add two - ar enic, and boil one hour, then put in. Dry them all in the shade, and make them into a powder.

Throw some as you would a 86 small pinch of tobacco into the air in the room occupied by the people you wish to perform. While gathering some of the "Herb of Nine Shirts"22 say:. Hold the cover of the pot in place with your left hand, without ever moving or looking behind you, regardless of any noise that you may hear. After having let it boil for 24 hours, you take the meat, put it on the new dish; and throw it over your left shoulder, saying these words: accipe quod tibi do,. The first letter own blood, the second in that of the end of the sentence. As soon.

Then, withdraw backwards, while saying: Pater, in manus. Buy a young wolf that is less than one year old, and cut its throat at the hour of Mars, while pronouncing these words:. Abumalis, Eados, ambulavit in fortitudine cibi illius Abumalis, Eados. One ounce of oil of nerve. One ounce of oil of bay-tree. One ounce of fat of stag. One ounce of "natural mummy. And seven leaves of vervain.

You b. T he first letter should be written in your the troke of midnight, after ut the cat in the pot. After it is written and dries, it is necessary to fold it in two. Take two ounces of human fat. A half bottle of alcohol. You boil everything in a new pot, until half-reduced, then make plasters with it on a fresh animal hide. When you apply these to the spleen, you go like the wind. So as not to be sick when you finish, it is necessary to take three drops of blood in a glass of white wine.

Probably a reference to Ruta gra;:. To be Resilient to Attack by Cold Steel. As soon as a girl notices her monthly flow has ceased, and feels sick at heart and the urge to vomit, she 92 needs to take Sabine 27 seethed in tea, and to put three times per day on the bottom of her foot some Rhue 28; and if the foetus is lively, it is necessary that for eight days she takes six drops of Olium Gagatis29 in milk. If the Apothecary does not want to give you some, you can make it yourself by. As already noted several times, this and the other recipes given are likely highly toxic, and even in the unlikely event that one could find the ingredients, only a fool would try them.

It is necessary to take potent cress every morning, and in the evening three pinches of flower of sulphur 31 in a glass. He is then given ass's milk for fifteen days, and will be absolutely cured. For three days, at the time of the feYer! An archaic form of measuring weight. An "apothecary's dram" was equal to one eighth of an ounce or sixty grains. When changing, be careful not to hang the sweaty linen in cold.

To Cure Gout and Palsy. It is necessary to take baths of newly harvested grape-juice; that is to say, stay in the newly harvested grape-juice for If you still suffer attacks, put the affected part between two not quite red-hot canal tiles, in which you will put some. The original text appears corrupt.

I am told that the words here convey the correct meaning, although they are, in truth, closer to a paraphrase than a translation. Mirror of Solomon. On the Manner of Making the Mirror of Solomon. In Nomine Domini. You will see in this mirror all the hidden things that you would wish for in the Name of the Lord. Firstly, you must not commit any carnal act, nor thought, during all Put the said steel in a very clean cloth, fresh and white. A denier was roughly equivalent to an English penny, which would probably have bought about a third of a glass of brandy at the time.

Anael, in speculum istud, qui mandet, et inspiret et jubeat cum sociis suis, et subditis nostris ut in nomine tuo qui fuisti, es, et eris patens, et jus, jud, 97 judicent mihi qua:cunque ab illis exposcam. Come Anael by the arm of the all-powerful Mitraton. He will greet you, and command his companions to obey you. When he appears to you, ask him. Mter that, you will see everything that you wish to see in the mirror without reciting the preceding prayers; but having perfumed it, say just the following:.

Powerful Father, in the name of the of the awe-inspiring Jehovah, Come :-tal Eloim. Come Anael by the arm of. If our farmers follow in his footsteps, then abundance may exceed our wishes. But after much re rediscover it, and the tests that we hav-e assured us that it was indeed The Secret of the Black Hen. The famous secret of the Black Hen, a secret without which one cannot count on success in any Kabala, was lost for a long time. Consequently, today we have nothing more to wish for. It is to share our happiness with all those who will have the audacity to emulate us, that we transcribe it hereafter.

Take a Black Hen which has never laid eggs and that has never been approached by a rooster. Make sure that, when. It is important that you know that before beginning all that is explained above, it is necessary that you made your de It may be that the intention was: "Elolm, Essalm, I have sacrificed and I have called" but this is conjecture. This is the prayer "To Protect you from Evil Spirits," on p.

Their Signatures and Chara. Triangle of Pacts. Drawn From the Gran. Prayer of Thanksgiving to the. To To win any time that one pia:. A11ec le secret de faire parler le. On a copi , aprcs l es venta d'. Ja demeure ]a plus. Ch h ommes! Ensuite vous commeneerez -votre quart d. Ainsi soit-il. Jet o -. A men. Ad Ancl et Jellovam. JJ A'lonav, leprendreupour agre2. J7enite, Venite. Je te commande ct conju pcreur Lucifer , de la par. Si l'esprit ne paroit pas jusqu'ici, mettez encore les deux.

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Me voici, que mc demandes tn? De l'apparition de l'Esprit. Le Sam. Je ne puis t'accorder ce que tu me dcm:tru. Vous reme! Je vais tc frapp :r, toi ct toute ta race , par la puissance Jn granJ. Vous remettrez ici Jc. Pealan, f7enite1 LuciFER! Io Lu ci fcro i mperat0re simo s:npl'crno ed indcpcr.

Hermès Criophore

Lro ,. In ana p1acevole, sensa strepito , ru! Modo di Liccnsiarc. Ordre de l' EJprit. Satanachia, sur Pruslas, A. Agaliarept, sur Eue.. Nebiros, sur Ayperos. Eligor, 13 Loray-. Naberus et Glasialabolas. L ;eco nd est le grand Satanaclzia d. Aglon, Te. J'Olla aneraera. Je nepuisfaccorder ta deman de. Adonay anza;r! Adonay, te a bro. A pei! UC V:OlH mcllrez en sautoir, et in. Yous prenez de la Icbe. Ilfaut avant de se coucli. Il faut dire: Die y ait part, et le diable la sortie, etlorsqu'on met en joue, il faut dire en croisant la. Une once d'huile de nerf. Une once de inomi naturel. Ecrivezsur votrehras avec la po.

Nehyros, Ayperos,Nu. Yous vo ez d ans ce miroir. Prenez une plaque luisaute. Amen , et o lra etsatisfera vos sou-. Juillet, 5. Ainsi suis-je. Le Dragon rouge chapitre 1e. I2 iClwp. Secondlivre contenant :e o. Leurs signes et caract.! Appt:trition de l'e. Conjltration et renvoi de l' esplit. Jicule , Olt la! OraZ:Son pour se garantir des maurais esprits 68 ibid.

Le secret magique on le grand art de pouvoir parler aux morts. Pour c! Lor:squ' on veut apphqrter. Composition de mort ort la pierre pltilosoibid. Pozu faire dan ser tout nrtd. J-ire dix 8g lie1tes par heure. Pour mutiler ses ennemis. Miroir de Salo m on. See More. IX X that I was not at all certain would be within my abilities to resolve. The first references to the ti. Its fictitious nature aside, the reference to the supposed publication was of little help in determining the text from which Wentworth's manuscript had come, as almost by a orning the all of the different French editions of the Dragon Rouge th!

The fir t reference to the Wentworth's source lay in the inclusion of the word "veri3. See, for example, Owen Davies who suggests that the book was first published "in the early Grimoires. Xll table" in the title, and the fact that the manuscript also I also inquired amongst the small gro includes the text of the treasure finding manual, "Secret de specialise in such literature, to see if la Poule Noire" "Secret of the Black Hen". Of these, two were "editions augmentees"; that happy to loan it to me for purposes of is, they were advertised as later printings that included Even a cursory glance at this rarity additional material, specifically: "des secrets de la reine firm that it was indeed the edition from Cleopatre, Xlll a a!

The contents edition in any of the of the manuscript and the printed book aligned perfectly. Again, except for one or French could make use of the original text, exactly as it typographical errors, I have done a was published some two hundred years ago. I spoke with left them uncorrected. It could tion which give an approximation of be argued that this is ultimately to the reader's advantage, the original. Wentworth has certain constraints. It is not to be gleaned from any dictionary, also contained a number of passages glossary, or linguistic training.

The Latin, reflects the tenor of the original. For the most pa Wentworth made a few short comments in the margins of his translation. W ith a sages have therefore been include few exceptions I have followed Wentworth's lead and re- and position within the text. I poke v. Such limitations aside, the markers arem ease. F in a way that linked a specific passage of the translation to a particular page in the printed text. Wentworth had made some XVI rough translations of these passages in the margins, but And what of the text itself? W hether it is the of the few legitimate ways that on actual first printing of the Dragon Rouge is not known, but hope to acquire wealth in nineteen it is quite possible.

It would seem that tion to which much of the first "bo Albert Caillet, the renowned bibliographer of the occult, the ritual of the Paule Noire is may also have thought this printing to be the first edition. Perhaps as a fail-safe, a smaller r The description that he gives at the head of his list of the at lotteries is also included. The listing that the magician was a heterose;.. LI number is Beneath his description of this particular edition, tic techniques promise unnatural Caillet observes that there were "nombreuses reimpressions," of the Dragon Rouge, of which he lists four.

I am, of course, aware that this edition has the added text of the "Poule Noire" which some might useful at a period of time when by which most journeys were interpret as suggesting that there were earlier editions without it. This make yourself invulnerable to torture is, however, not necessarily the case, and it could just as easily be that the ability to compel others to dan..

As noted earlier, it is very and hindered by the rather obviously a variant of the text known as the Grand Grimoire, ography of the Latin originals. These corrected orporated as footnotes. It would seem that tion to which much of the first "book" is devoted- whilst ned bibliographer of the occult, the ritual of the Poule Noire is exclusively devoted to that printing to be the first edition. The listing that the magician was a heterosexual male. One the "Poule Noire" and it was only in particularly obnoxious concoction promises invisibility, ca although the absence of any remedy to restore yourself to XV normal appearance suggests that even the originator had declared the Dragon Rouge to be most'" little faith in its efficacy.

For example the pseudonymous editor of T.

Nil Yalter, the story of a life

None could elebres.. II Other blatant silliness abounds. He For example the pseudonymous editor of of blood [or parts of animals] is neither desireable or essential, being apt to have a bad effect on the operator. XX a remarkably tame specimen. When preparing the facsimil succumbs to the magician's threats and reveals the nearest we deliberately chose to minimize the treasure. Forsaking his time-honored demand for a soul by "cleaned" and "sharpened" the repro way of payment, he settles instead for a modest, monthly, so as to keep their appearance as close cash stipend. As if this humiliation is not enough, he also of the originals.

It would seem churlish to dwell on other perceived ar. I would also like t ably corrupt of a legitimate occult tradition, and may find assistance of my dear friend Anok Pe, value in it as such. Yet others will view it largely from an and knowledge with a generosity beyon historical or even a psychological perspective. It is also idle to believe that it is not possible to do 2 such operations without committing one's conscience; it is only necessary, to be convinced of the contrary, to cast a glance at the life of St.

This great king, took r:he The Red Dragon. Chapter I.

Hermès Criophore - Persée

For what man other than this powerful genius would have had the courage to bring to the light of day the thundering words which God himself had used to constrain and make the Rebellious Spirits obedient, at his first command, having penetrated to the celestial vaults to learn thoroughly the secrets and 1. If, on the contrary, you do follow exactly that which I tell you, you will cast off your baseness Prayer.

I implore thee, 0 great and powerful. Mter this take your meals, but do no I have laboured day and night for sixty-seven years. Some authorities say that one is supposed :o tt: purity. I rlis correct. These you take at noon and at a profound science. After this take your meals, but do not undress yourself, ixty-seven years. To and sleep as little as possible during all the said quarter of aJ.

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It should be observed repeating the following words: I. Keeping the Blasting this victim! Rod in hand, you must select a solitary part of the world its ashes as an acceptable sacrifice. It should be observed repeating the following words: o nly be undertaken either by It is to the honor, glory and power of thy Name, 0 grand - - - e Karcist 3 who is the one who Adonay, Eloim, Ariel, and Jehovam that I shed the blood of pirit. Condescend, 0 Thou grand Adonay, to receive While the victim burns, you can rejoice in the honor..

This : ; 13 do not touch it other than with your eyes, but leave it as it is until the next day, the day of the operation, when you must cut it precisely at sunrise, then strip it of leaves and twigs, if it has any, with the same steel blade that was used to cut the throat of the victim. Jehovam, I command you to bring the materials that I desire: by the po Eloim, Ariel and Jehovam, I comman water are incompatible, to separate they were separate on the day of the The evening therafter, you take your - 11 eat operation, you must seek out a azel which has never been carried, and Having pronounced these great and terrible words, and ar to that which you see here before When you you finish cutting your rod and take it to your dwelling.

All these must be taken to the place you have set aside to undertake the Great Work, and then you must do exactly what is set out hereafter, describing point by point the Great Kabbalistic Circle exactly in the tJHSt manner indicated. You will also take a new fire- - and adequate tinder to light - e of been blessed and mixed e e must be taken to the place , ertake the Great Work, and then!.! When everything ha as described above, you pronounce :l I present to thee, 0 great Adonay! The skin should be cut into lengths, and these lengths laid out to prayer, arming yourself with courag dence.

JAW dence to thy holy and worthy care. When everything has been performed exactly as described above, you pronounce the following words: I present to thee, 0 great Adonay! Be sure not to have any impure metal about your person, only gold or silver coins wrapped in paper, which you must throw to the spirit when he presents himself 20 outside the circle, to prevent him from harming you. I believe, with the most 16 sincere faith, that thou art my creator, my benefactor, my Adonay! So no desire other than belong to thee for all of eternity. Wednesday 10 Jul. Bambou : The temperature for the next 7 days.

Live Satellite Image. Infrared and Precipitation Infrared. Rain Storm Snow Clouds. Available languages. Today Tomorrow 7 days. Les Cayes. Ti Port-de-Paix. Fond Parisien. Petit Goave. Chaine de la Selle. Morne Chapotin. Morne Dubois. Morne Cabaio. Morne la Visite. Massif de la Selle.

Savane Pistache. Morne Gentilhomme. Morne Calumette. Morne Bois Pins. Morne Gros Dos. Morne Calumet. Morne Tete l'Etang. Morne d' Enfer. Morne Nacel. Morne Tuffe. Montagne Noire. Morne Mingret. Morne Boeuf. Massif de la Hotte. Morne Zombi. La Grande Colline. Morne Pistolet. Mont des Commissaires. Morne Liane Doco. Montagne Terrible. Morne Redoute. Morne Bois l'Etat. Morne Malanga.

Morne Desbarrieres. Morne la Ferme. Morne Boucan Pin. Morne la Plaine. Morne Cabrit. Morne Bois Negresse. Morne Gaubert. Morne Citadelle. Morne la Croix. Morne Jean Toussaint. Morne Bois Pin. Morne Kadeneau.

Lerrant sans tête (French Edition) Lerrant sans tête (French Edition)
Lerrant sans tête (French Edition) Lerrant sans tête (French Edition)
Lerrant sans tête (French Edition) Lerrant sans tête (French Edition)
Lerrant sans tête (French Edition) Lerrant sans tête (French Edition)
Lerrant sans tête (French Edition) Lerrant sans tête (French Edition)

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